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Mar-2007A 1-year study to compare the efficacy and safety of once-daily travoprost 0.004%/timolol 0.5% to once-daily latanoprost 0.005%/timolol 0.5% in patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertensionTopouzis, F.; Melamed, S.; Danesh-Meyer, H.; Wells, A.P.; Kozobolis, V.; Wieland, H.; Andrew, R.; Wells, D.; Kozobolis, V.P.; Maskaleris, G.; Detorakis, E.; Anastasopoulos, E.; Pappas, T.; Kandarakis, A.; Koutroumanos, J.; Aspiotis, M.; Pappa, C.; Vaikoussis, E.; Paschalidis, T.; Bournas, P.; Kazatzis, N.; Goldberg, I.; Graham, S.; Healey, P.; Rait, J.L.; Bank, A.; Healey, P.R.; Crowston, J.; Guzowski, M.; Covar, R.; Lee, A.; Jen-Wan; Azar, D.; Stadion, P.; Lizin, F.; De Groot, V.; Schraepen, P.; Reyntjens, B.; Kestelyn-Stevens, A.-M.; Witters, F.; Teesalu, P.; Kuus, I.; Oll, M.; Aamer, U.; Alas, E.; Pastak, M.; Delbosc, B.Y.C.; Gerstenberger, A.; Jungmann, P.; Hamacher, L.T.; Hellmair, U.; Bayer, A.U.M.; Foerster, W.; Christ, T.; Reibaldi, A.; Uva, M.; Longo, A.; Lombardo, D.; Trimarchi, F.; Milano, G.; Clemente, A.; Rossi, M.G.; Scatassi, I.; Montemurro, F.; Grignolo, F.M.; Brogliatti, B.; Rolle, T.; Favero, C.; Giacosa, E.; Fornero, A.; Melamed, S.; Goldenfeld, M.; Verbin, H.; Vilner, Z.; Knaan, R.; Moroz, I.; Geyer, O.; Segev, E.; Kurtz, S.; Neudorfer, M.; Shemesh, G.; Zayit, S.; Volksone, L.; Karlsone, L.; Laganovska, G.; Baumane, K.; Egite, I.; Januleviciene, I.; Kuzmiene, L.; Danesh-Meyer, H.; Wells, A.P.; Riley, A.; Bedggood, A.; Long, H.; Ashraff, N.; Abrantes, P.A.L.; Reina, M.; Silva, J.P.; Ilharco, J.; Chew, P.T.K. ; Thean, L.; Lim, B.A.; Manuel, J.; Loon, S.C.; Tan, C.; Yeong, S.M.; Seah, S.K.L.; Oen, F.; Husain, R.; Hoh, S.T.; Tin, A.; Sánchez, J.G.; Feijoo, J.G.; De La Casa, J.M.M.; Gómez, A.C.; López, F.M.H.; Llorens, V.P.; Júlvez, L.P.; Martínez, M.L.G.; Póvez, J.M.L.; Arias-Puente, A.; Carrasco, C.; Del Carmen, M.; García, Y.; Alba, A.; Gurdiel, E.; Dorronzoro, E.; Muniesa, M.J.; Lu, D.-W.; Clearkin, L.G.; Patwala, Y.
1-Mar-2003A prospective ultrasound biomicroscopy evaluation of changes in anterior segment morphology after laser iridotomy in Asian eyesGazzard, G.; Friedman, D.S.; Devereux, J.G.; Chew, P. ; Seah, S.K.L.
2004Acute primary angle closure: Configuration of the drainage angle in the first year after laser peripheral iridotomyLim, L.S.; Aung, T. ; Husain, R.; Gazzard, G.; Seah, S.K.L.; Wu, Y.-J.
2002Additive effect of unoprostone and latanoprost in patients with elevated intraocular pressureAung, T. ; Chew, P.T.K. ; Oen, F.T.S.; Chan, Y.-H.; Thean, L.H.; Yip, L.; Lim, B.-A.; Seah, S.K.L.
2002Angular regression and the detection of the seasonal onset of diseaseGao, F.; Seah, S.K.L.; Foster, P.J.; Chia, K.S. ; Machin, D.
2005Cataract progression after prophylactic laser peripheral iridotomy: Potential implications for the prevention of glaucoma blindnessLim, L.S.; Husain, R.; Gazzard, G.; Seah, S.K.L.; Aung, T. 
Oct-2011Central corneal thickness and glaucoma in east Asian peopleDay, A.C.; Machin, D.; Aung, T.; Gazzard, G.; Husain, R.; Chew, P.T.K. ; Khaw, P.T.; Seah, S.K.L.; Foster, P.J.
2004Changes in retinal nerve fiber layer thickness after acute primary angle closureAung, T. ; Husain, R.; Gazzard, G.; Devereux, J.G.; Hoh, S.-T.; Seah, S.K.L.; Chan, Y.-H.
Aug-2004Changes in retinal nerve fiber layer thickness after acute primary angle closureAung, T. ; Husain, R.; Gazzard, G.; Chan, Y.-H.; Devereux, J.G.; Hoh, S.-T.; Seah, S.K.L.
2006Changes in the Optic Disc after Acute Primary Angle ClosureShen, S.Y.; Baskaran, M.; Fong, A.C.Y.; Lim, L.S.; Gazzard, G.; Seah, S.K.L.; Aung, T. ; Chan, Y.-H.; Husain, R.
2005Choroidal expansion as a mechanism for acute primary angle closure: An investigation into the change of biometric parameters in the first 2 weeksYang, M.; Aung, T. ; Husain, R.; Lim, L.S.; Seah, S.K.L.; Gazzard, G.; Chan, Y.-H.
2006Detection of Narrow Angles and Established Angle Closure In Chinese Residents of Singapore: Potential Screening TestsNolan, W.P.; Aung, T. ; Khaw, P.T.; Johnson, G.J.; Foster, P.J.; Seah, S.K.L.; Machin, D.
1-Sep-2003Determinants of intraocular pressure and its association with glaucomatous optic neuropathy in Chinese Singaporeans: The Tanjong Pagar studyFoster, P.J.; Machin, D.; Wong, T.-Y. ; Ng, T.-P.; Kirwan, J.F.; Johnson, G.J.; Khaw, P.T.; Seah, S.K.L.
Sep-2002Education, socioeconomic status, and ocular dimensions in Chinese adults: The Tanjong Pagar SurveyWong, T.Y. ; Foster, P.J.; Johnson, G.J.; Seah, S.K.L.
1997Incidence of acute primary angle-closure glaucoma in singapore: An island-wide surveySeah, S.K.L.; Foster, P.J.; Chew, P.T.K. ; Jap, A.; Oen, F.; Fam, H.B.; Lim, A.S.M.
2005Iris ischaemic changes and visual outcome after acute primary angle closureLoon, S.-C.; Chew, P.T.K. ; Chan, Y.-H.; Aung, T. ; Oen, F.T.S.; Seah, S.K.L.; Wong, H.-T.
15-Feb-1996Island wide survey on Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma (AACG) incidence in SingaporeSeah, S.K.L.; Chew, P.T.K. ; Oen, F.T.S.; Fam, H.B.; Jap, A.H.E.; Lim, A.S.M. 
2006Lens opacity, thickness, and position in subjects with acute primary angle closureLim, M.C.C.; Lim, L.S.; Gazzard, G.; Husain, R.; Seah, S.K.L.; Aung, T. ; Chan, Y.-H.
Jun-2006Lens opacity, thickness, and position in subjects with acute primary angle closureLim, M.C.C.; Lim, L.S.; Gazzard, G.; Husain, R.; Chan, Y.-H.; Seah, S.K.L.; Aung, T. 
2004Long-term outcomes in asians after acute primary angle closureAung, T. ; Chew, P.T.K. ; Ang, L.P. ; Gazzard, G.; Lai, Y.-F.; Yip, L.; Seah, S.K.L.; Friedman, D.S.; Lai, H.; Quigley, H.