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6-Jun-2011A photostable near-infrared protein labeling dye for in vivo imagingSamanta, A.; Vendrell, M.; Yun, S.-W.; Guan, Z.; Xu, Q.-H. ; Chang, Y.-T.
21-Oct-2010Development of photostable near-infrared cyanine dyesSamanta, A.; Vendrell, M.; Das, R.; Chang, Y.-T. 
28-Mar-2011Multiplex cancer cell detection by SERS nanotags with cyanine and triphenylmethine Raman reportersMaiti, K.K.; Samanta, A.; Vendrell, M.; Soh, K.-S.; Olivo, M.; Chang, Y.-T. 
Apr-2012Multiplex targeted in vivo cancer detection using sensitive near-infrared SERS nanotagsMaiti, K.K.; Dinish, U.S.; Samanta, A.; Vendrell, M.; Soh, K.-S.; Park, S.-J.; Olivo, M.; Chang, Y.-T. 
2009Novel orthogonal synthesis of a tagged combinatorial triazine library via grignard reactionLee, J.W.; Bork, J.T.; Ha, H.-H. ; Samanta, A.; Chang, Y.-T. 
21-Sep-2011Solid phase synthesis of ultra-photostable cyanine NIR dye libraryDas, R.K.; Samanta, A.; Ha, H.-H.; Chang, Y.-T. 
7-Jul-2011Synthesis and characterization of a cell-permeable near-infrared fluorescent deoxyglucose analogue for cancer cell imagingVendrell, M.; Samanta, A.; Yun, S.-W.; Chang, Y.-T. 
29-Jul-2009Synthesis of a BODIPY library and its application to the development of live cell glucagon imaging probeLee, J.-S. ; Kang, N.-Y. ; Yun, K.K. ; Samanta, A.; Feng, S.; Hyeong, K.K. ; Vendrell, M.; Jung, H.P.; Chang, Y.-T. 
27-Jun-2011Ultrasensitive near-infrared Raman reporters for SERS-based in vivo cancer detectionSamanta, A.; Maiti, K.K.; Soh, K.-S.; Liao, X.; Vendrell, M.; Dinish, U.S.; Yun, S.-W.; Bhuvaneswari, R.; Kim, H.; Rautela, S.; Chung, J.; Olivo, M.; Chang, Y.-T.