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2006A systematic bioinformatics approach for selection of epitope-based vaccine targetsKhan, A.M. ; Brusic, V. ; Miotto, O. ; Heiny, A.T.; Tan, T.W. ; Salmon, J.; Srinivasan, K.N.; Marques, Jr. E.T.A.; August, J.T.; Nascimento, E.J.M.
18-Jan-2010Conservation and diversity of influenza A H1N1 HLA-restricted T cell epitope candidates for epitope-based vaccinesTan, P.T.; Heiny, A.T. ; Miotto, O.; Salmon, J.; Marques Jr., E.T.A.; Lemonnier, F.; August, J.T.
2008Conservation and variability of dengue virus proteins: Implications for vaccine designKhan, A.M.; Miotto, O. ; Heiny, A.T. ; Tan, T.W. ; Nascimento, E.J.M.; Marques, E.T.; Srinivasan, K.N.; Salmon, J.; August, J.T.; Zhang, G.L.; Brusic, V.
2009Conservation and variability of West Nile virus proteinsKoo, Q.Y.; Khan, A.M. ; Ramdas, S.; Miotto, O.; Tan, T.W. ; Jung, K.-O.; Salmon, J.; August, J.T.; Brusic, V.
5-Jan-2010Dendritic cell mediated delivery of plasmid DNA encoding LAMP/HIV-1 gag fusion immunogen enhances T cell epitope responses in HLA DR4 transgenic miceSimon, G.G.; Hu, Y. ; Khan, A.M. ; Zhou, J.; Salmon, J.; Chikhlikar, P.R.; Jung, K.-O.; Marques, E.T.A.; August, J.T.
Jul-2012West nile virus T-cell ligand sequences shared with other flaviviruses: A multitude of variant sequences as potential altered peptide ligandsJung, K.-O.; Khan, A.M.; Tan, B.Y.L.; Hu, Y.; Simon, G.G.; Nascimento, E.J.M.; Lemonnier, F.; Brusic, V.; Miotto, O.; Tan, T.W. ; Marques, E.T.A.; Dhalia, R.; Salmon, J.; August, J.T.