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Jun-2013Assessment of trabecular meshwork width using swept source optical coherence tomographyTun, T.A.; Baskaran, M.; Zheng, C.; Sakata, L.M.; Perera, S.A.; Chan, A.S.; Friedman, D.S.; Cheung, C.Y. ; Aung, T.
May-2011Association of narrow angles with anterior chamber area and volume measured with anterior-segment optical coherence tomographyWu, R.-Y.; Nongpiur, M.E.; He, M.-G.; Sakata, L.M.; Friedman, D.S.; Chan, Y.-H.; Lavanya, R.; Wong, T.-Y. ; Aung, T.
Jan-2013Classification algorithms based on anterior segment optical coherence tomography measurements for detection of angle closureNongpiur, M.E.; Haaland, B.A.; Friedman, D.S.; Perera, S.A.; He, M.; Foo, L.-L.; Baskaran, M.; Sakata, L.M.; Wong, T.Y. ; Aung, T.
2009Comparison of slitlamp optical coherence tomography and scanning peripheral anterior chamber depth analyzer to evaluate angle closure in asian eyesWong, H.-T.; Chua, J.L.L.; Wong, M.H.Y.; Aung, T. ; Sakata, L.M.
2010Comparison of Visante and slit-lamp anterior segment optical coherence tomography in imaging the anterior chamber angleSakata, L.M.; Wong, T.T.L.; Kumar, R.S.; Htoon, H.M.; Aung, T. ; Wong, H.-T.; He, M.
Jul-2012Determinants of lens vault and association with narrow angles in patients from SingaporeTan, G.S.; He, M.; Zhao, W.; Sakata, L.M.; Li, J. ; Nongpiur, M.E.; Lavanya, R.; Friedman, D.S.; Aung, T.
2009High-definition optical coherence tomography imaging of the iridocorneal angle of the eyeWong, H.-T.; Lim, M.C.; Sakata, L.M.; Aung, H.T.; Amerasinghe, N.; Aung, T. ; Friedman, D.S.
2010Novel Association of Smaller Anterior Chamber Width with Angle Closure in SingaporeansNongpiur, M.E.; Lavanya, R.; Yin, Wong T.; Aung, T. ; Sakata, L.M.; Friedman, D.S.; He, M.; Chan, Y.-H.
2008Prevalence of Plateau Iris in Primary Angle Closure Suspects. An Ultrasound Biomicroscopy StudyKumar, R.S.; Baskaran, M.; Lavanya, R.; Sakata, L.M.; Aung, T. ; Handa, S.; Chew, P.T.K.. ; Friedman, D.S.; Wong, H.-T.
2010Quantitative Iris Parameters and Association with Narrow AnglesWang, B.; Sakata, L.M.; Lavanya, R.; Wong, T.-Y. ; Aung, T. ; Friedman, D.S.; Chan, Y.-H.; He, M.
2013Relationship between intraocular pressure and angle configuration: An anterior segment OCT studyChong, R.S.; Sakata, L.M.; Narayanaswamy, A.K.; Ho, S.-W.; He, M.; Baskaran, M.; Wong, T.Y. ; Perera, S.A.; Aung, T.
2008Screening for Narrow Angles in the Singapore Population: Evaluation of New Noncontact Screening MethodsLavanya, R.; Sakata, L.M.; Wong, T.-Y. ; Aung, H.T.; Seah, S.K.; Aung, T. ; Foster, P.J.; Friedman, D.S.; Kashiwagi, K.; Alfred, T.; Gao, H.; Ee, A.G.