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6-Apr-2005A commentary on "Thermo-responsive polymeric surfaces; control of attachment and detachment of cultured cells" by N. Yamada, T. Okano, H. Sakai, F. Karikusa, Y. Sawasaki, Y. Sakurai (Makromol. Chem., Rapid Commun. 1990, 11, 571-576)Hutmacher, D.W. ; Yamada, N.; Okano, T.; Sakai, H.; Karikusa, F.; Sawasaki, Y.; Sakurai, Y.
Mar-2011An automated method for cell-free layer width determination in small arteriolesOng, P.K.; Jain, S.; Namgung, B.; Woo, Y.I. ; Sakai, H.; Lim, D.; Chun, K.J.; Kim, S. 
25-Apr-2014Androgen-independent proliferation of LNCaP prostate cancer cells infected by xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virusKakoki, K.; Kamiyama, H.; Izumida, M.; Yashima, Y.; Hayashi, H.; Yamamoto, N. ; Matsuyama, T.; Igawa, T.; Sakai, H.; Kubo, Y.
2008Confirmation of the presence of uveal effusion in asian eyes with primary angle closure glaucoma: An ultrasound biomicroscopy studyKumar, R.S.; Quek, D.; Lee, K.Y.; Oen, F.T.; MohanRam, L.S.; Baskaran, M.; Wong, T.T.; Aung, T. ; Koh, V.T.; Sakai, H.
Oct-2004Hanaba taranu is a GATA transcription factor that regulates shoot apical meristem and flower development in ArabidopsisZhao, Y.; Medrano, L.; Ohashi, K.; Fletcher, J.C.; Yu, H. ; Sakai, H.; Meyerowitz, E.M.
12-Oct-2011Infection of XC cells by MLVs and Ebola virus is endosome-dependent but acidification-independentKamiyama, H.; Kakoki, K.; Yoshii, H.; Iwao, M.; Igawa, T.; Sakai, H.; Hayashi, H.; Matsuyama, T.; Yamamoto, N. ; Kubo, Y.