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6-May-2013A universal scheme for patterning of oxides via thermal nanoimprint lithographyDinachali, S.S.; Saifullah, M.S.M.; Ganesan, R.; Thian, E.S. ; He, C. 
10-Aug-2012Direct nanoimprint lithography of Al 2O 3 using a chelated monomer-based precursorGanesan, R.; Dinachali, S.S.; Lim, S.H.; Saifullah, M.S.M.; Chong, W.T.; Lim, A.H.H.; Yong, J.J.; Thian, E.S. ; He, C. ; Low, H.Y.
2012Effect of angstrom-scale surface roughness on the self-assembly of polystyrene-polydimethylsiloxane block copolymerKundu, S.; Ganesan, R.; Gaur, N.; Saifullah, M.S.M.; Hussain, H.; Yang, H. ; Bhatia, C.S. 
14-Aug-2013Flexible palladium-based H2 sensor with fast response and low leakage detection by nanoimprint lithographyLim, S.H.; Radha, B.; Chan, J.Y.; Saifullah, M.S.M.; Kulkarni, G.U.; Ho, G.W. 
26-Dec-2013Large Area, Facile Oxide Nanofabrication via Step-and-Flash Imprint Lithography of Metal-Organic Hybrid ResinsDinachali, S.S.; Dumond, J.; Saifullah, M.S.M.; Ansah-Antwi, K.K.; Ganesan, R.; Thian, E.S. ; He, C. 
7-Jan-2014Low energy C+ ion embedment induced structural disorder in L10 FePtKundu, S.; Rismani-Yazdi, E.; Saifullah, M.S.M.; Ru Tan, H.; Yang, H. ; Bhatia, C.S. 
Jul-2007New resists for proton beam writingvan Kan, J.A. ; Bettiol, A.A. ; Chiam, S.Y. ; Saifullah, M.S.M.; Subramanian, K.R.V.; Welland, M.E.; Watt, F. 
Jun-2013Robust and durable polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane-based anti-reflective nanostructures with broadband quasi-omnidirectional propertiesRaut, H.K.; Dinachali, S.S.; He, A.Y.; Ganesh, V.A.; Saifullah, M.S.M.; Law, J.; Ramakrishna, S. 
1-Dec-2012Spacer-less, decoupled granular L10 FePt magnetic media using Ar-He sputtering gasKundu, S.; Gaur, N.; Saifullah, M.S.M.; Yang, H. ; Bhatia, C.S.