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1-Jan-2012Comparative study of magnetization reversal process between rectangular and circular thin film ringsShimon, G.; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Ross, C.A.
7-Jan-2014Comparative study of the ferromagnetic resonance behavior of coupled rectangular and circular Ni 80 Fe 20 ringsShimon, G.; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Ross, C.A.
Jun-2010Effects of interlayer coupling in elongated Ni80Fe 20/Au/Co nanoringsRen, Y. ; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Nam, C.; Ross, C.A.
2007Inhomogeneities in spin states and magnetization reversal of geometrically identical elongated Co ringsGao, X.S. ; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Goolaup, S. ; Singh, N.; Jung, W.; Castaño, F.J.; Ross, C.A.
21-Jun-2013Magnetic vortex dynamics in thickness-modulated Ni80Fe 20 disksShimon, G.; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Ross, C.A.
2008Magnetization reversal process in elongated Co rings with engineered defectsGao, X.S. ; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Ross, C.A.
1-Sep-2010Magnetization states in coupled Ni80Fe20 bi-ring nanostructuresRen, Y. ; Jain, S. ; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Ross, C.A.
7-Nov-2007Magnetostatic coupling in arrays of elongated Ni80Fe 20 ringsAdeyeye, A.O. ; Goolaup, S. ; Singh, N.; Wang, C.C. ; Gao, X.S.; Ross, C.A.; Jung, W.; Castão, F.J.
23-Feb-2005Parkin mediates nonclassical, proteasomal-independent ubiquitination of synphilin-1: Implications for lewy body formationKah, L.L. ; Chew, K.C.M.; Tan, J.M.M.; Wang, C.; Chung, K.K.K.; Zhang, Y.; Tanaka, Y.; Smith, W.; Engelender, S.; Ross, C.A.; Dawson, V.L.; Dawson, T.M.
20-Aug-2012Reversal mechanisms of coupled bi-component magnetic nanostructuresShimon, G.; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Ross, C.A.
7-Jun-2013Synthesis and magnetic properties of large-area ferromagnetic cylindrical nanoshell and nanocup arraysWang, Z.; Shimon, G.; Liu, X.; Thompson, C.V.; Ross, C.A.; Choi, W.K. ; Adeyeye, A.O. 
15-Jul-2012Synthesis of silicon oxide nanowires and nanotubes with cobalt-palladium or palladium catalystsEsterina, R.; Liu, X.M.; Ross, C.A.; Adeyeye, A.O. ; Choi, W.K.