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1-Jan-2014Decreased rabphilin 3A immunoreactivity in Alzheimer's disease is associated with A beta burdenTan, Michelle GK ; Lee, Chingli ; Lee, Jasinda H ; Francis, Paul T; Williams, Robert J; Ramirez, Maria J; Chen, Christopher P ; Wong, Peter T-H ; Lai, Mitchell KP 
1-Jan-2008Involvement of an altered 5-HT6 receptor function in behavioral symptoms of Alzheimer's diseaseMarcos, Beatriz; Garcia-Alloza, Monica; Gil-Bea, Francisco J; Chuang, Tsu T; Francis, Paul T; Chen, Christopher P ; Tsang, Shirley WTY ; Lai, Mitchell KP ; Ramirez, Maria J
1-Aug-2006Involvement of the GABAergic system in depressive symptoms of Alzheimer's diseaseGarcia-Alloza, Monica; Tsang, Shirley W ; Gil-Bea, Francisco J; Francis, Paul T; Lai, Mitchell K ; Marcos, Beatriz; Chen, Christopher P ; Ramirez, Maria J
1-Sep-2010Neurochemical basis for symptomatic treatment of Alzheimer's diseaseFrancis, Paul T; Ramirez, Maria J; Lai, Mitchell K 
1-Jun-2006Selective effects of the APOE epsilon 4 allele on presynaptic cholinergic markers in the neocortex of Alzheimer's diseaseLai, Mitchell KP ; Tsang, Shirley WY ; Garcia-Alloza, Monica; Minger, Stephen L; Nicoll, James AR; Esiri, Margaret M; Wong, Peter T-H ; Chen, Christopher PL-H ; Ramirez, Maria J; Francis, Paul T
1-May-2014Serotonergic Therapies for Cognitive Symptoms in Alzheimer's Disease: Rationale and Current StatusRamirez, Maria J; Lai, Mitchell KP ; Tordera, Rosa M; Francis, Paul T