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2010A comparison between growing and variably dense self organizing maps for incremental learning in Hubel Weisel models of concept representationDaniel, N.C.K.; Ramanathan, K.; Luping, S.; Vadakkepat, P. 
2009A neural network model for a hierarchical spatio-temporal memoryRamanathan, K.; Shi, L.; Li, J.; Lim, K.G.; Li, M.H.; Ang, Z.P.; Chong, T.C. 
2011Automated tracking of biological cells in an "in-vitro" environment using active contours and distance measuresRamanathan, K.; Ong, L.-L.S.; Asada, H.H.; Ang Jr., M.H. 
Feb-2007Clustering and combinatorial optimization in recursive supervised learningRamanathan, K.; Guan, S.U. 
1-Feb-2014Molten synthesis of ZnO.Fe3O4 and Fe 2O3 and its electrochemical performanceReddy, M.V. ; Cherian, C.T.; Ramanathan, K.; Jie, K.C.W.; Daryl, T.Y.W.; Hao, T.Y.; Adams, S. ; Loh, K.P. ; Chowdari, B.V.R. 
2006MultiLearner based recursive supervised trainingRamanathan, K.; Guan, S.U. ; Iyer, L.R.
Aug-2012Presynaptic learning and memory with a persistent firing neuron and a habituating synapse: A model of short term persistent habituationRamanathan, K.; Ning, N.; Dhanasekar, D.; Li, G.; Shi, L.; Vadakkepat, P. 
2004Recursive percentage based hybrid pattern (RPHP) training for curve fittingUei, G.S. ; Ramanathan, K.
2006Recursive self organizing maps with hybrid clusteringRamanathan, K.; Guan, S.U. 
2012Stimulus dependent habituation in a bottom - Up brain inspired model of learning and memoryRamanathan, K.; Battacharya, M.; Vadakkepat, P.