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Jun-2008A comprehensive transcriptional profiling of the WRKY gene family in rice under various abiotic and phytohormone treatmentsRamamoorthy, R.; Jiang, S.-Y.; Kumar, N.; Venkatesh, P.N.; Ramachandran, S. 
Oct-2012A simplified protocol for genetic transformation of switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.)Ramamoorthy, R.; Kumar, P.P. 
15-Feb-2008Comparative transcriptional profiling and evolutionary analysis of the GRAM domain family in eukaryotesJiang, S.-Y.; Ramamoorthy, R.; Ramachandran, S. 
Nov-2007Ds insertion mutagenesis as an efficient tool to produce diverse variations for rice breedingJiang, S.-Y.; Bachmann, D.; La, H.; Ma, Z.; Venkatesh, P.N.; Ramamoorthy, R.; Ramachandran, S. 
Jan-2004Establishing an efficient Ac/Ds tagging system in rice: Large-scale analysis of Ds flanking sequencesKolesnik, T.; Szeverenyi, I.; Bachmann, D.; Kumar, C.S.; Jiang, S.; Ramamoorthy, R.; Cai, M.; Ma, Z.G.; Sundaresan, V.; Ramachandran, S. 
Aug-2009Expansion mechanisms and functional annotations of hypothetical genes in the rice genomeJiang, S.-Y.; Christoffels, A.; Ramamoorthy, R.; Ramachandran, S. 
Feb-2011Expansion mechanisms and functional divergence of the glutathione S-transferase family in sorghum and other higher plantsChi, Y.; Cheng, Y.; Vanitha, J.; Kumar, N.; Ramamoorthy, R.; Ramachandran, S. ; Jiang, S.-Y.
Apr-2011Feeding the extra billions: Strategies to improve crops and enhance future food securityStamm, P.; Ramamoorthy, R.; Kumar, P.P. 
Aug-2008Genome-wide survey of the RIP domain family in Oryza sativa and their expression profiles under various abiotic and biotic stressesJiang, S.-Y.; Ramamoorthy, R.; Bhalla, R.; Luan, H.-F.; Venkatesh, P.N.; Cai, M.; Ramachandran, S. 
2013Genome-wide survey on genomic variation, expression divergence, and evolution in two contrasting rice genotypes under high salinity stressJiang, S.-Y.; Ma, A.; Ramamoorthy, R.; Ramachandran, S. 
28-Jun-2013Identification and Characterization of RcMADS1, an AGL24 Ortholog from the Holoparasitic Plant Rafflesia cantleyi Solms-Laubach (Rafflesiaceae)Ramamoorthy, R.; Phua, E.E.-K.; Lim, S.-H.; Tan, H.T.-W. ; Kumar, P.P. 
Jan-2006Large-scale systematic study on stability of the Ds element and timing of transposition in riceSzeverenyi, I.; Ramamoorthy, R.; Zhi, W.T.; Hong, F.L.; Zhi, G.M.; Ramachandran, S. 
Jun-2010Morphological and genetic diversity of symbiotic cyanobacteria from cycadsThajuddin, N.; Muralitharan, G.; Sundaramoorthy, M.; Ramamoorthy, R.; Ramachandran, S. ; Akbarsha, M.A.; Gunasekaran, M.
28-Nov-2011Oryza sativa cytochrome P450 family member OsCYP96B4 reduces plant height in a transcript dosage dependent mannerRamamoorthy, R.; Jiang, S.-Y.; Ramachandran, S. 
Aug-2012Over-expression of OSRIP18 increases drought and salt tolerance in transgenic rice plantsJiang, S.-Y.; Bhalla, R.; Ramamoorthy, R.; Luan, H.-F.; Venkatesh, P.N.; Cai, M.; Ramachandran, S. 
2011Prunus domestica pathogenesis-related protein-5 activates the defense response pathway and enhances the resistance to fungal infectionEl-kereamy, A.; El-sharkawy, I.; Ramamoorthy, R.; Taheri, A.; Errampalli, D.; Kumar, P. ; Jayasankar, S.