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2006A taxonomy of manufacturing strategies in ChinaZhao, X.; Sum, C.-C. ; Qi, Y.; Zhang, H.; Lee, T.-S.
May-2010A time domain blind decorrelation method of convolutive mixtures based on an IIR modelLiu, J. ; Xin, J.; Qi, Y.
2004An incremental approach to contribution-based feature selectionGuan, S.-U. ; Liu, J.; Qi, Y.
Jul-2000Asymptotics of minimizers of variational problems involving curl functionalPan, X.-B. ; Qi, Y.
Dec-2012Autophagy is a cell self-protective mechanism against arsenic-induced cell transformationZhang, T.; Qi, Y.; Liao, M.; Xu, M.; Bower, K.A.; Frank, J.A.; Shen, H.-M. ; Luo, J.; Shi, X.; Chen, G.
23-Sep-2011Coexistence of ferroelectric triclinic phases in highly strained BiFeO 3 filmsChen, Z.; Prosandeev, S.; Luo, Z.L.; Ren, W.; Qi, Y.; Huang, C.W.; You, L.; Gao, C.; Kornev, I.A.; Wu, T.; Wang, J.; Yang, P. ; Sritharan, T.; Bellaiche, L.; Chen, L.
15-May-2012Coexistence of ferroelectric vortex domains and charged domain walls in epitaxial BiFeO 3 film on (110) O GdScO 3 substrateQi, Y.; Chen, Z.; Huang, C.; Wang, L.; Han, X.; Wang, J.; Yang, P. ; Sritharan, T.; Chen, L.
28-Nov-2011Domain structure and in-plane switching in a highly strained Bi 0.9Sm0.1FeO3 filmChen, W.; Ren, W.; You, L.; Yang, Y.; Chen, Z.; Qi, Y.; Zou, X.; Wang, J.; Sritharan, T.; Yang, P. ; Bellaiche, L.; Chen, L.
30-Aug-2013Large tensile-strain-induced monoclinic MB phase in BiFeO 3 epitaxial thin films on a PrScO3 substrateChen, Z.; Qi, Y.; You, L.; Yang, P. ; Huang, C.W.; Wang, J.; Sritharan, T.; Chen, L.
13-Dec-2010Low symmetry monoclinic MC phase in epitaxial BiFeO3 thin films on LaSrAlO4 substratesChen, Z.; Luo, Z.; Qi, Y.; Yang, P. ; Wu, S.; Huang, C.; Wu, T.; Wang, J.; Gao, C.; Sritharan, T.; Chen, L.
7-Jan-2011Low-symmetry monoclinic phases and polarization rotation path mediated by epitaxial strain in multiferroic BiFeO3 thin filmsChen, Z.; Luo, Z.; Huang, C.; Qi, Y.; Yang, P. ; You, L.; Hu, C.; Wu, T.; Wang, J.; Gao, C.; Sritharan, T.; Chen, L.
2008Performance benchmarking of liver CT image segmentation and volume estimationXiong, W.; Zhou, J.; Tian, Q.; Liu, J.J.; Qi, Y.; Leow, W.K. ; Han, T.; Wang, S.-C.
2009Predictive surgical simulation of aorta reconstruction in cardiac surgeryLi, H.; Leow, W.K. ; Qi, Y.; Chiu, I.-S.
2009Simultaneous effects of functional involvement and improvement programs on manufacturing and financial performance in Chinese firmsQi, Y.; Sum, C.-C. ; Zhao, X.
13-Aug-2012Suppression of mixed-phase areas in highly elongated BiFeO 3 thin films on NdAlO 3 substratesWoo, C.-S.; Lee, J.H.; Chu, K.; Jang, B.-K.; Kim, Y.-B.; Koo, T.Y.; Yang, P. ; Qi, Y.; Chen, Z.; Chen, L.; Choi, H.C.; Shim, J.H.; Yang, C.-H.