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2009A cognitive virtual microscopic framework for knowlege-based exploration of large microscopic images in breast cancer histopathologyRoux, L.; Tutac, A.; Loménie, N.; Balensi, D.; Racoceanu, D.; Veillard, A.; Leow, W.-K. ; Klossa, J.; Putti, T.C.
Oct-2010Aurora-A expression, hormone receptor status and clinical outcome in hormone related cancersDas, K. ; Lorena, P.D.N.; Kuan Ng, L.; Shen, L.; Lim, D.; Yun Siow, W.; Narasimhan, K.; Teh, M.; Choolani, M.; Putti, T.C.; Salto-Tellez, M. 
2008Automatic breast cancer grading of histopathological imagesDalle, J.-R. ; Leow, W.K. ; Racoceanu, D.; Tutac, A.E.; Putti, T.C.
2008Automatic breast cancer grading of histopathological images.Dalle, J.R. ; Leow, W.K. ; Racoceanu, D. ; Tutac, A.E.; Putti, T.C.
2010Bio-inspired computer visual system using GPU and Visual Pattern Assessment Language (ViPAL): Application on breast cancer prognosisHuang, C.-H. ; Racoceanu, D.; Roux, L.; Putti, T.C.
Jan-2012Common bile duct obstruction by intraluminal colorectal metastasis without evidence of liver or intraabdominal nodal metastasisSoh, T.I.P.; Doshi, B.K.; Putti, T.C.; Ang, B.W.L.; Aw, D.C.W.; Cheong, W.K.; Lee, S.-C. ; Chuah, B.Y.S.
Jul-2005Cyclooxygenase-2 expression in Warthin's tumourLoy, A.H.C. ; Putti, T.C.; Tan, L.K.S. 
2004Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor in Undifferentiated Carcinoma of the NasopharynxLeong, J.-L.; Loh, K.S. ; Tan, L.K.S. ; Goh, B.C. ; Putti, T.C.
May-2007Fine-needle aspiration cytology of metaplastic carcinoma of the breastLui, P.C.W.; Tse, G.M.K.; Puay, H.T. ; Jayaram, G.; Putti, T.C.; Chaiwun, B.; Chan, N.H.L.; Lau, P.P.L.; Kong, L.M.; Khin, A.T.
Oct-2010Lack of RUNX3 inactivation in columnar cell lesions of breastSubramaniam, M.M. ; Chan, J.Y.; Omar, M.F.M.; Ito, K.; Ito, Y.; Yeoh, K.G.; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Putti, T.C.
20-May-2014Manganese superoxide dismutase is a promising target for enhancing chemosensitivity of basal-like breast carcinomaKumar, A.P. ; Loo, S.Y.; Shin, S.W.; Tan, T.Z.; Eng, C.B.; Singh, R.; Putti, T.C.; Ong, C.W. ; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Goh, B.C.; Park, J.I.; Thiery, J.P.; Pervaiz, S.; Clement, M.V.
Apr-2008Novel Breast Cancer Biomarkers Identified by Integrative Proteomic and Gene Expression MappingOu, K. ; Yu, K.; Kesuma, D.; Hooi, M.; Huang, N.; Chen, W.; Lee, S.Y.; Goh, X.P.; Tan, L.K.; Liu, J.; Soon, S.Y.; Rashid, S.B.A.; Putti, T.C.; Jikuya, H.; Ichikawa, T.; Nishimura, O.; Salto-Tellez, M.; Tan, P. 
Dec-2013One-step nucleic acid amplification assay also predicts axillary lymph node status in breast cancer patients: Further molecular diagnostic evidenceWang, T. ; Buhari, S.A.; Pang, B.; Putti, T.C.; Salto-Tellez, M. 
2008Renal cell carcinoma bony metastasis treatmentNathan, S.S. ; Lim, C.T.; Chuah, B.Y.S.; Wong, A.S.C.; Putti, T.C.; Stanley, A.J.