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3-Jun-2010Comment on "coherent ratchets in driven Bose-Einstein condensates"Benenti, G.; Casati, G. ; Denisov, S.; Flach, S.; Hänggi, P. ; Li, B. ; Poletti, D.
2007Current behavior of a quantum Hamiltonian ratchet in resonancePoletti, D.; Carlo, G.G.; Li, B. 
7-Mar-2007Dissipationless directed transport in rocked single-band quantum dynamicsGong, J. ; Poletti, D.; Hanggi, P. 
6-Oct-2008Dynamics of matter-wave solitons in a ratchet potentialPoletti, D.; Alexander, T.J.; Ostrovskaya, E.A.; Li, B. ; Kivshar, Y.S.
24-Aug-2007Interaction-induced quantum ratchet in a Bose-Einstein condensatePoletti, D.; Benenti, G.; Casati, G. ; Li, B. 
1-May-2007Quantum ratchets for periodically kicked cold atoms and Bose-Einstein condensatesCasati, G. ; Poletti, D.
2006Quantum resonance and antiresonance for a periodically kicked Bose-Einstein condensate in a one-dimensional boxPoletti, D.; Fu, L.; Liu, J.; Li, B. 
15-Jul-2009Ratchet-induced matter-wave transport and soliton collisions in Bose-Einstein condensatesPoletti, D.; Ostrovskaya, E.A.; Alexander, T.J.; Li, B. ; Kivshar, Y.S.
30-Mar-2009Steering bose-einstein condensates despite time symmetryPoletti, D.; Benenti, G.; Casati, G.; Hänggi, P. ; Li, B. 
Feb-2011Topological quantum phase transitions of attractive spinless fermions in a honeycomb latticePoletti, D.; Miniatura, C. ; Grémaud, B.