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2002A case of broken heart from blunt traumaPoh, K.K.; Tan, H.C.; Chia, B.L. ; Lim, Y.T. 
2004Autologous skeletal myoblasts transduced with a new adenoviral bicistronic vector for treatment of hind limb ischemiaNiagara, M.I.; Ye, L. ; Koh, V.S.W.; Sim, E.K.W. ; Haider, H.K. ; Lim, Y.T. ; Poh, K.K.; Ge, R. 
2003Early repolarization pattern occurring with the Wolf-Parkinson-White syndromePoh, K.K.; Low, A. ; Tan, H.C.; Chia, B.L. 
Feb-2011ECG delta waves in patients with palpitationSoo, W.M.; Chong, E.; Teo, S.G. ; Poh, K.K.
Jan-2011ECG ST segment elevation in patients with chest painPoh, K.K.; Tan, H.C.; Teo, S.G. 
Dec-2011ECGs of structural heart disease: Part 1Poh, K.K.; Teo, S.G. ; Tay, E.L.W.; Yip, J.W.L.
Jun-2007Efficacy of community-based multidisciplinary disease management of chronic heart failureOmar, A.R.; Suppiah, N.; Chai, P.; Chan, Y.H.; Seow, Y.H.; Quek, L.L.; Poh, K.K.; Tan, H.C. 
Jan-2010Endothelial progenitor cell capture stent implantation in patients with ST-segment elevation acute myocardial infarction: One year follow-upLee, Y.-P.; Tay, E.; Lee, C.H.; Low, A.; Teo, S.G. ; Poh, K.K.; Yeo, W.-T.; Lim, J.; Lim, I.H.; Lim, Y.T.; Tan, H.C.
Oct-2008Isolated high lateral acute myocardial infarction with superior injury current axisLee, L.C.; Tan, H.C. ; Poh, K.K.
Oct-2011Managing ventricular ectopics: Are ventricular ectopic beats just an annoyance?Omar, A.R.; Lee, L.C.; Seow, S.C.; Teo, S.G. ; Poh, K.K.
3-Oct-2013Myocardial contractile dysfunction associated with increased 3-month and 1-year mortality in hospitalized patients with heart failure and preserved ejection fractionZhong, L.; Ng, K.K.C.; Sim, L.L.; Allen, J.C. ; Lau, Y.H.; Sim, D.K.L.; Lee, R.K.K.; Poh, K.K.; Chua, T.S.J. ; Kassab, G.S.; Kwok, B.W.K.; Tan, R.S. 
Jul-2011Narrow QRS complex tachycardia presenting as palpitationSingh, D.; Teo, S.G. ; Kireyev, D.; Poh, K.K.
Mar-2011Regular narrow complex tachycardiaSingh, D.; Teo, S.G. ; Poh, K.K.
Apr-2010Two-year clinical registry follow-up of endothelial progenitor cell capture stent versus sirolimus-eluting bioabsorbable polymer-coated stent versus bare metal stents in patients undergoing primary percutaneous coronary intervention for ST elevation myocardial infarction: ACUTE CORONARY SYNDROMEChong, E.; Poh, K.K.; Liang, S.; Lee, R.C.-H.; Low, A.; Teo, S.-G. ; Tan, H.C.
2008Use of endothelial progenitor cell capture stent (Genous Bio-Engineered R Stent) during primary percutaneous coronary intervention in acute myocardial infarction: Intermediate- to long-term clinical follow-upCo, M.; Tay, E.; Lee, C.H. ; Poh, K.K.; Low, A. ; Lim, Y.T. ; Tan, H.C. ; Lim, J.; Lim, I.H.
May-2011Variations of atrioventricular blockYeo, T.J.; Teo, S.G. ; Soo, W.M.; Poh, K.K.
Jun-2011What is the cause of the regular wide QRS complex tachycardia?Lim, S.L.; Teo, S.G. ; Kireyev, D.; Poh, K.K.