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2005Acoustic diagnosis of aortic stenosisSun, Z.; Poh, K.-K.; Ling, L.-H.; Hong, G.S. ; Chew, C.-H. 
Mar-2009Acute perimyocarditis masquerading as acute coronary syndrome with spontaneous resolution of increased left ventricular wall thicknessPoh, K.-K.; Chan, E.H.L.; Chia, B.-L. ; Chai, P.
3-Dec-2010Clinical predictors of stent thrombosis in the "real world" drug-eluting stent eraTin-Hay, E.L.; Poh, K.-K.; Lim, Y.-T.; Low, A.F.-H.; Lee, C.-H.; Teo, S.-G. ; Lim, J.; Lim, I.-H.; Tan, H.-C.
Aug-2007Clinically compressed digital echocardiography: A patient-safe alternative to videotape reviewPoh, K.-K.; Yang, H.; Omar, A.R.; Yip, J.W.L.; Chan, Y.-H.; Ling, L.-H. 
3-Apr-2009Diverse clinical spectrum of stress-induced cardiomyopathyLee, Y.-P.; Poh, K.-K.; Lee, C.-H.; Tan, H.-C. ; Razak, A.; Chia, B.-L. ; Low, A.F.
Dec-2013Myocardial infarction in singapore: Ethnic variation in evidence-based therapy and its association with socioeconomic status, social network size and perceived stress levelHein, T.; Loo, G.; Tai, B.-C. ; Phua, Q.-H.; Chan, M.Y.; Poh, K.-K.; Chia, B.-L.; Richards, M.; Lee, C.-H.
Mar-2011Nanoparticle based delivery of hypoxia-regulated VEGF transgene system combined with myoblast engraftment for myocardial repairYe, L.; Zhang, W.; Su, L.-P. ; Haider, H.K.; Poh, K.-K.; Galupo, M.J.; Songco, G.; Ge, R.-W. ; Tan, H.-C.; Sim, E.K.W.
2010New Set of Intravascular Ultrasound-Derived Anatomic Criteria for Defining Functionally Significant Stenoses in Small Coronary Arteries (Results from Intravascular Ultrasound Diagnostic Evaluation of Atherosclerosis in Singapore [IDEAS] Study)Lee, C.-H. ; Low, A.F.; Poh, K.-K.; Omar, A.R.; Yeo, T.-C.; Yip, J.; Teo, S.-G.; Tan, H.-C. ; Tai, B.-C.; Lim, G.-H.; Soon, C.-Y.
2008Prognostication of Valvular Aortic Stenosis Using Tissue Doppler Echocardiography: Underappreciated Importance of Late Diastolic Mitral Annular VelocityPoh, K.-K.; Chan, M.Y.-Y.; Yang, H.; Ling, L.H. ; Chan, Y.-H.; Yong, Q.-W.
Nov-2012The long-term predictive value of the neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio in Type 2 diabetic patients presenting with acute myocardial infarctionLee, G.-K.; Lee, L.-C.; Chong, E.; Lee, C.-H.; Teo, S.-G. ; Chia, B.-L.; Poh, K.-K.