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21-May-2011Cationic supramolecular nanoparticles for co-delivery of gene and anticancer drugHu, Q.-D.; Fan, H.; Ping, Y.; Liang, W.-Q.; Tang, G.-P.; Li, J. 
6-Jun-2011Chitosan-functionalized graphene oxide as a nanocarrier for drug and gene deliveryBao, H.; Pan, Y.; Ping, Y.; Sahoo, N.G.; Wu, T.; Li, L.; Li, J. ; Gan, L.H.
Nov-2011Chitosan-graft-(PEI-β-cyclodextrin) copolymers and their supramolecular PEGylation for DNA and siRNA deliveryPing, Y.; Liu, C.; Zhang, Z.; Liu, K.L.; Chen, J.; Li, J. 
2009Comb-shaped copolymers composed of hydroxypropyl cellulose backbones and cationic poly((2-dimethyl amino)ethyl methacrylate) side chains for gene deliveryXu, F.J.; Ping, Y.; Ma, J.; Tang, G.P.; Yang, W.T.; Li, J. ; Kang, E.T. ; Neoh, K.G. 
13-Sep-2010Construction of a star-shaped copolymer as a vector for FGF receptor-mediated gene delivery in vitro and in vivoLi, D.; Ping, Y.; Xu, F.; Yu, H.; Pan, H.; Huang, H.; Wang, Q.; Tang, G.; Li, J. 
Sep-2013FGFR-targeted gene delivery mediated by supramolecular assembly between β-cyclodextrin-crosslinked PEI and redox-sensitive PEGPing, Y.; Hu, Q.; Tang, G.; Li, J. 
23-Sep-2010Functionalization of chitosan via atom transfer radical polymerization for gene deliveryPing, Y.; Liu, C.-D.; Tang, G.-P.; Li, J.-S.; Li, J. ; Yang, W.-T.; Xu, F.-J.
Mar-2013Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents for tumor diagnosisCheng, W.; Ping, Y.; Zhang, Y. ; Chuang, K.-H.; Liu, Y.
Jan-2012Measurement-based quantum computing with a spin ensemble coupled to a stripline cavityPing, Y.; Gauger, E.M.; Benjamin, S.C. 
2010Polyethyleneimine-grafted poly(N-3-hydroxypropyl)aspartamide as a biodegradable gene vector for efficient gene transfectionChen, D.; Ping, Y.; Tang, G.; Li, J. 
5-Mar-2013Practicality of spin chain wiring in diamond quantum technologiesPing, Y.; Lovett, B.W.; Benjamin, S.C. ; Gauger, E.M.
9-Feb-2009Star-shaped cationic polymers by atom transfer radical polymerization from β-cyclodextrin cores for nonviral gene deliveryXu, F.J. ; Zhang, Z.X. ; Ping, Y.; Li, J. ; Kang, E.T. ; Neon, K.G. 
13-Jul-2010Thermo-and pH-responsive association behavior of dual hydrophilic graft chitosan terpolymer synthesized via ATRP and click chemistryBao, H.; Li, L.; Gan, L.H.; Ping, Y.; Li, J. ; Ravi, P.
28-Feb-2012Thermo-responsive transfection of DNA complexes with well-defined chitosan terpolymersBao, H.; Ping, Y.; Pan, Y.; Li, L.; Li, J. ; Gan, L.H.