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20-Jul-2012A high-throughput screen to identify inhibitors of ATP homeostasis in non-replicating mycobacterium tuberculosisMak, P.A.; Rao, S.P.S.; Ping Tan, M.; Lin, X.; Chyba, J.; Tay, J.; Ng, S.H.; Tan, B.H.; Cherian, J.; Duraiswamy, J.; Bifani, P.; Lim, V.; Lee, B.H.; Ling Ma, N.; Beer, D.; Thayalan, P.; Kuhen, K.; Chatterjee, A.; Supek, F.; Glynne, R.; Zheng, J.; Boshoff, H.I.; Barry, C.E.; Dick, T. ; Pethe, K.; Camacho, L.R.
2014An ethA-ethR-deficient Mycobacterium bovis BCG mutant displays increased adherence to mammalian cells and greater persistence in vivo, which correlate with altered mycolic acid compositionAng, M.L.T.; Siti, Z.Z.R.; Shui, G. ; Dianišková, P.; Madacki, J.; Lin, W.; Koh, V.H.Q.; Gomez, J.M.M.; Sudarkodi, S.; Bendt, A.; Wenk, M.; Mikušová, K.; Korduláková, J.; Pethe, K.; Alonso, S.
7-Feb-2013Characterization of Phosphofructokinase Activity in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Reveals That a Functional Glycolytic Carbon Flow Is Necessary to Limit the Accumulation of Toxic Metabolic Intermediates under HypoxiaPhong, W.Y.; Lin, W.; Rao, S.P.S.; Dick, T. ; Alonso, S.; Pethe, K.
4-Dec-2013Indolcarboxamide is a preclinical candidate for treating multidrug-resistant tuberculosisRao, S.P.S.; Lakshminarayana, S.B.; Kondreddi, R.R.; Herve, M.; Camacho, L.R.; Bifani, P.; Kalapala, S.K.; Jiricek, J.; Ma, N.L.; Tan, B.H.; Ng, S.H.; Nanjundappa, M.; Ravindran, S.; Seah, P.G.; Thayalan, P.; Lim, S.H.; Lee, B.H.; Goh, A.; Barnes, W.S.; Chen, Z.; Gagaring, K.; Chatterjee, A.K.; Pethe, K.; Kuhen, K.; Walker, J.; Feng, G.; Babu, S.; Zhang, L.; Blasco, F.; Beer, D.; Weaver, M.; Dartois, V.; Glynne, R.; Dick, T. ; Smith, P.W.; Diagana, T.T.; Manjunatha, U.H.
3-Apr-2007Lysosomal killing of Mycobacterium mediated by ubiquitin-derived peptides is enhanced by autophagyAlonso, S. ; Pethe, K.; Russell, D.G.; Purdy, G.E.
2007Lysosomal killing of Mycobacterium mediated by ubiquitin-derived peptides is enhanced by autophagyAlonso, S. ; Pethe, K.; Russell, D.G.; Purdy, G.E.
2010Nitrate respiration protects hypoxic Mycobacterium tuberculosisagainst acid- and reactive nitrogen species stressesTan, M.P.; Sequeira, P.; Lin, W.W. ; Phong, W.Y.; Cliff, P.; Ng, S.H.; Lee, B.H.; Camacho, L.; Schnappinger, D.; Ehrt, S.; Dick, T.; Pethe, K.; Alonso, S.
9-Aug-2013Para-aminosalicylic acid is a prodrug targeting dihydrofolate reductase in mycobacterium tuberculosisZheng, J.; Rubin, E.J.; Bifani, P.; Mathys, V.; Lim, V.; Au, M.; Jang, J.; Nam, J.; Dick, T. ; Walker, J.R.; Pethe, K.; Camacho, L.R.
2007Sensitive profiling of chemically diverse bioactive lipidsShui, G. ; Bendt, A.K. ; Wenk, M.R. ; Pethe, K.; Dick, T.
2009Triacylglycerol utilization is required for regrowth of in vitro hypoxic nonreplicating Mycobacterium bovis bacillus Calmette-GuerinKai, L.L.; Wenk, M.R. ; Shui, G. ; Bendt, A.K. ; Rao, P.S.S.; Pethe, K.; Dick, T.
Aug-2012Urease activity represents an alternative pathway for Mycobacterium tuberculosis nitrogen metabolismLin, W.; Mathys, V.; Ang, E.L.Y. ; Koh, V.H.Q.; Gómez, J.M.M.; Ang, M.L.T.; Rahim, S.Z.Z.; Tan, M.P.; Pethe, K.; Alonso, S.