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20-Apr-2013A primer on surface plasmon-polaritons in grapheneBludov, Yu.V.; Ferreira, A. ; Peres, N.M.R.; Vasilevskiy, M.I.
1-Nov-2012Complete light absorption in graphene-metamaterial corrugated structuresFerreira, A. ; Peres, N.M.R.
14-May-2012Confined magneto-optical waves in grapheneFerreira, A. ; Peres, N.M.R.; Castro Neto, A.H. 
25-Oct-2012Continuum model of the twisted graphene bilayerLopes Dos Santos, J.M.B.; Peres, N.M.R.; Castro Neto, A.H. 
Jul-2011Coulomb drag and high-resistivity behavior in double-layer graphenePeres, N.M.R.; Lopes Dos Santos, J.M.B.; Castro Neto, A.H. 
14-Mar-2012Electron tunneling through ultrathin boron nitride crystalline barriersBritnell, L.; Gorbachev, R.V.; Jalil, R.; Belle, B.D.; Schedin, F.; Katsnelson, M.I.; Eaves, L.; Morozov, S.V.; Mayorov, A.S.; Peres, N.M.R.; Castro Neto, A.H. ; Leist, J.; Geim, A.K.; Ponomarenko, L.A.; Novoselov, K.S.
26-Aug-2011Electronic doping of graphene by deposited transition metal atomsSantos, J.E.; Peres, N.M.R.; Lopes Dos Santos, J.M.B.; Castro Neto, A.H. 
19-Sep-2012Enhanced optical dichroism of graphene nanoribbonsHipolito, F.; Chaves, A.J.; Ribeiro, R.M.; Vasilevskiy, M.I.; Pereira, V.M. ; Peres, N.M.R.
27-Mar-2013Exact solution for square-wave grating covered with graphene: Surface plasmon-polaritons in the terahertz rangePeres, N.M.R.; Bludov, Yu.V.; Ferreira, A. ; Vasilevskiy, M.I.
1-Dec-2011Faraday effect in graphene enclosed in an optical cavity and the equation of motion method for the study of magneto-optical transport in solidsFerreira, A. ; Viana-Gomes, J.; Bludov, Y.V.; Pereira, V. ; Peres, N.M.R.; Castro Neto, A.H. 
26-Mar-2012Graphene-based photodetector with two cavitiesFerreira, A. ; Peres, N.M.R.; Ribeiro, R.M.; Stauber, T.
20-Jun-2012Light scattering by a medium with a spatially modulated optical conductivity: The case of graphenePeres, N.M.R.; Ferreira, A. ; Bludov, Y.V.; Vasilevskiy, M.I.
Jan-2013Observation of intra- and inter-band transitions in the transient optical response of grapheneMalard, L.M.; Fai Mak, K.; Castro Neto, A.H. ; Peres, N.M.R.; Heinz, T.F.
Dec-2010Optical properties of strained graphenePereira, V.M. ; Ribeiro, R.M.; Peres, N.M.R.; Castro Neto, A.H. 
Apr-2011Transport properties of graphene with one-dimensional charge defectsFerreira, A.; Xu, X. ; Tan, C.-L.; Bae, S.-K.; Peres, N.M.R.; Hong, B.-H.; Zyilmaz, B. ; Castro Neto, A.H.