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Jan-2013Analysis of anterior segment dynamics using anterior segment optical coherence tomography before and after laser peripheral iridotomyZheng, C.; Guzman, C.P.; Cheung, C.Y.; He, Y.; Friedman, D.S.; Ong, S.-H. ; Narayanaswamy, A.K.; Chew, P.T.; Perera, S.A.; Aung, T.
2012Anterior chamber angle classification using multiscale histograms of oriented gradients for glaucoma subtype identificationXu, Y.; Liu, J.; Tan, N.M.; Lee, B.H.; Wong, D.W.K.; Baskaran, M.; Perera, S.A.; Aung, T. 
Jun-2013Assessment of trabecular meshwork width using swept source optical coherence tomographyTun, T.A.; Baskaran, M.; Zheng, C.; Sakata, L.M.; Perera, S.A.; Chan, A.S.; Friedman, D.S.; Cheung, C.Y. ; Aung, T.
Jan-2013Classification algorithms based on anterior segment optical coherence tomography measurements for detection of angle closureNongpiur, M.E.; Haaland, B.A.; Friedman, D.S.; Perera, S.A.; He, M.; Foo, L.-L.; Baskaran, M.; Sakata, L.M.; Wong, T.Y. ; Aung, T.
Apr-2012Comparison of scanning laser ophthalmoscopy and high-definition optical coherence tomography measurements of optic disc parametersFoo, L.-L.; Perera, S.A.; Cheung, C.Y.; Allen, J.C.; Zheng, Y.; Loon, S.-C.; Wong, T.Y. ; Aung, T.
2010Demonstration of Angle Widening Using EyeCam After Laser Peripheral Iridotomy in Eyes With Angle ClosurePerera, S.A.; Quek, D.T.; Baskaran, M.; Tun, T.A.; Kumar, R.S.; Friedman, D.S.; Aung, T. 
Feb-2012Determinants of angle width in Chinese SingaporeansFoo, L.-L.; Nongpiur, M.E.; Allen, J.C.; Perera, S.A.; Friedman, D.S.; He, M.; Cheng, C.-Y. ; Wong, T.Y. ; Aung, T.
2009Diurnal Intraocular Pressure Fluctuation and Associated Risk Factors in Eyes with Angle ClosureBaskaran, M.; Kumar, R.S.; Govindasamy, C.V.; Htoon, H.M.; Wong, C.-Y.; Perera, S.A.; Wong, T.T.L.; Aung, T. 
2015Efficacy of selective laser trabeculoplasty in primary angle-closure glaucoma: A randomized clinical trialNarayanaswamy, A.; Leung,C.K.; Istiantoro, D.V.; Perera, S.A.; Ho, C.; Nongpiur, M.E.; Baskaran, M.; Htoon, H.M.; Wong, T.T.; Goh, D.; Su, D.H.; Belkin, M.; Aung, T. 
Oct-2012Genome-wide association analyses identify three new susceptibility loci for primary angle closure glaucomaVithana, E.N.; Khor, C.-C. ; Qiao, C.; Nongpiur, M.E.; George, R.; Chen, L.-J.; Do, T.; Abu-Amero, K.; Huang, C.K.; Low, S.; Tajudin, L.-S.A.; Perera, S.A.; Cheng, C.-Y. ; Xu, L.; Jia, H.; Ho, C.-L.; Sim, K.S.; Wu, R.-Y.; Tham, C.C.Y.; Chew, P.T.K.; Su, D.H.; Oen, F.T.; Sarangapani, S.; Soumittra, N.; Osman, E.A.; Wong, H.-T.; Tang, G.; Fan, S.; Meng, H.; Huong, D.T.L.; Wang, H.; Feng, B.; Baskaran, M.; Shantha, B.; Ramprasad, V.L.; Kumaramanickavel, G.; Iyengar, S.K.; How, A.C.; Lee, K.Y.; Sivakumaran, T.A.; Yong, V.H.K.; Ting, S.M.L.; Li, Y.; Wang, Y.-X.; Tay, W.-T.; Sim, X. ; Lavanya, R.; Cornes, B.K.; Zheng, Y.-F.; Wong, T.T.; Loon, S.-C.; Yong, V.K.Y.; Waseem, N.; Yaakub, A.; Chia, K.-S. ; Rand Allingham, R.; Hauser, M.A.; Lam, D.S.C.; Hibberd, M.L. ; Bhattacharya, S.S.; Zhang, M.; Teo, Y.Y. ; Tan, D.T.; Jonas, J.B.; Tai, E.-S.; Saw, S.-M. ; Hon, D.N.; Al-Obeidan, S.A.; Liu, J. ; Chau, T.N.B.; Simmons, C.P.; Bei, J.-X.; Zeng, Y.-X.; Foster, P.J.; Vijaya, L.; Wong, T.-Y. ; Pang, C.-P.; Wang, N.; Aung, T.
28-Jan-2014Genotype-phenotype correlation analysis for three primary angle closure glaucoma-associated genetic polymorphismsWei, X.; Nongpiur, M.E.; de Leon, M.S.; Baskaran, M.; Perera, S.A.; How, A.C.; Vithana, E.N.; Khor, C.-C. ; Aung, T.
Oct-2012In vivo analysis of vectors involved in pupil constriction in Chinese subjects with angle closureZheng, C.; Cheung, C.Y.; Aung, T.; Narayanaswamy, A.; Ong, S.-H. ; Friedman, D.S.; Allen, J.C.; Baskaran, M.; Chew, P.T.; Perera, S.A.
Jul-2011Influence of refractive error on optic disc topographic parameters: The Singapore malay eye studyWu, R.-Y.; Wong, T.-Y. ; Zheng, Y.-F.; Cheung, C.Y.-L.; Perera, S.A.; Saw, S.M. ; Aung, T.
2013Lack of association between primary angle-closure glaucoma susceptibility loci and the ocular biometric parameters anterior chamber depth and axial lengthNongpiur, M.E.; Wei, X.; Xu, L.; Perera, S.A.; Wu, R.-Y.; Zheng, Y.; Li, Y.; Wang, Y.-X.; Cheng, C.-Y. ; Jonas, J.B.; Wong, T.-Y. ; Vithana, E.N.; Aung, T.; Khor, C.-C. 
Sep-2012Pupil dynamics in Chinese subjects with angle closureZheng, C.; Cheung, C.Y.; Narayanaswamy, A.; Ong, S.-H. ; Perera, S.A.; Baskaran, M.; Chew, P.T.; Friedman, D.S.; Aung, T.
Jul-2010Refractive error, axial dimensions, and primary open-angle glaucoma: The Singapore Malay Eye StudyPerera, S.A.; Wong, T.Y. ; Tay, W.-T.; Foster, P.J.; Saw, S.-M. ; Aung, T.
2013Relationship between intraocular pressure and angle configuration: An anterior segment OCT studyChong, R.S.; Sakata, L.M.; Narayanaswamy, A.K.; Ho, S.-W.; He, M.; Baskaran, M.; Wong, T.Y. ; Perera, S.A.; Aung, T.