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31-May-2012AGTR1 gene variation: Association with depression and frontotemporal morphologyTaylor, W.D.; Benjamin, S.; McQuoid, D.R.; Payne, M.E.; Krishnan, R.R. ; MacFall, J.R.; Ashley-Koch, A.
Sep-2011Amygdala volume in late-life depression: Relationship with age of onsetBurke, J.; McQuoid, D.R.; Payne, M.E.; Steffens, D.C.; Krishnan, R.R. ; Taylor, W.D.
Aug-2010Angiotensin receptor gene polymorphisms and 2-year change in hyperintense lesion volume in menTaylor, W.D.; Steffens, D.C.; Ashley-Koch, A.; Payne, M.E.; MacFall, J.R.; Potocky, C.F.; Krishnan, K.R.R. 
1-Feb-2009APOE related hippocampal shape alteration in geriatric depressionQiu, A. ; Taylor, W.D.; Zhao, Z.; MacFall, J.R.; Miller, M.I.; Key, C.R.; Payne, M.E.; Steffens, D.C.; Krishnan, K.R.R. 
Feb-2013Fiber tract-specific white matter lesion severity Findings in late-life depression and by AGTR1 A1166C genotypeTaylor, W.D.; Zhao, Z.; Ashley-Koch, A.; Payne, M.E.; Steffens, D.C.; Krishnan, R.R. ; Hauser, E.; Macfall, J.R.
24-Sep-2008Frontal white matter anisotropy and antidepressant remission in late-life depressionTaylor, W.D.; Kuchibhatla, M.; Payne, M.E.; MacFall, J.R.; Sheline, Y.I.; Krishnan, K.R. ; Doraiswamy, P.M.
Jan-2011One-year change in anterior cingulate cortex white matter microstructure: Relationship with late-life depression outcomesTaylor, W.D.; MacFall, J.R.; Boyd, B.; Payne, M.E.; Sheline, Y.I.; Krishnan, R.R. ; Doraiswamy, P.M.
30-Jul-2011Reduction of dorsolateral prefrontal cortex gray matter in late-life depressionChang, C.-C.; Yu, S.-C.; McQuoid, D.R.; Messer, D.F.; Taylor, W.D.; Singh, K.; Boyd, B.D.; Krishnan, K.R.R. ; MacFall, J.R.; Steffens, D.C.; Payne, M.E.
Apr-2009Temporal lobe volume in bipolar disorder: Relationship with diagnosis and antipsychotic medication useJones, L.D.; Payne, M.E.; Messer, D.F.; Beyer, J.L.; MacFall, J.R.; Krishnan, K.R.R. ; Taylor, W.D.
2010Variability in frontotemporal brain structure: The importance of recruitment of African Americans in neuroscience researchIsamah, N.; Faison, W.; Payne, M.E.; MacFall, J.; Steffens, D.C.; Beyer, J.L.; Krishnan, K.R. ; Taylor, W.D.