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2008Caveolin-1 influences vascular protease activity and is a potential stabilizing factor in human atherosclerotic diseaseRodriguez-Feo J.A.; Hellings W.E.; Moll F.L.; De Vries J.-P.P.M.; van Middelaar B.J.; Alegra A.; Sluijter J.; van der Broek T.; Sessa W.C.; De Kleijn D.P.V. ; Pasterkamp G.
2014Circulating immunoglobulins are not associated with intraplaque mast cell number and other vulnerable plaque characteristics in patients with carotid artery stenosisWillems S.; Van Velden D.D.; Quax P.H.A.; De Borst G.J.; De Vries J.P.-P.M.; Moll F.L.; Kuiper J.; Toes R.E.M.; De Jager S.C.A.; De Kleijn D.P.V. ; Hoefer I.E.; Pasterkamp G.; Bot I.
2015Ethnicity modifies associations between cardiovascular risk factors and disease severity in parallel Dutch and Singapore coronary cohortsGijsberts C.M.; Seneviratna A.; De Carvalho L.P.; Den Ruijter H.M.; Vidanapthirana P.; Sorokin V. ; Stella P. ; Agostoni P.; Asselbergs F.W.; Richards A.M. ; Low A.F. ; Lee C.-H. ; Tan H.C. ; Hoefer I.E.; Pasterkamp G.; De Kleijn D.P.V. ; Chan M.Y. 
2013FoxP1 stimulates angiogenesis by repressing the inhibitory guidance protein semaphorin 5B in endothelial cells.Grundmann S.; Lindmayer C.; Hans F.P.; Hoefer I.; Helbing T.; Pasterkamp G.; Bode C.; de Kleijn D. ; Moser M.
2015Inter-ethnic differences in quantified coronary artery disease severity and all- cause mortality among Dutch and singaporean percutaneous coronary intervention patientsGijsberts C.M.; Seneviratna A.; Hoefer I.E.; Agostoni P.; Rittersma S.Z.H.; Pasterkamp G.; Hartman M. ; De Carvalho L.P.; Richards A.M. ; Asselbergs F.W.; De Kleijn D.P.V.; Chan M.Y.
2014Leukotriene B4 levels in human atherosclerotic plaques and abdominal aortic aneurysmsVan Den Borne P.; Van Der Laan S.W.; Bovens S.M.; Koole D.; Kowala M.C.; Michael L.F.; Schoneveld A.H.; Van De Weg S.M.; Velema E.; De Vries J.-P.; De Borst G.J.; Moll F.L.; De Kleijn D.P.V. ; Quax P.H.A.; Hoefer I.E.; Pasterkamp G.
2015Race/ethnic differences in the associations of the Framingham risk factors with carotid IMT and cardiovascular eventsGijsberts C.M.; Groenewegen K.A.; Hoefer I.E.; Eijkemans M.J.C.; Asselbergs F.W.; Anderson T.J.; Britton A.R.; Dekker J.M.; Engström G.; Evans G.W.; De Graaf J.; Grobbee D.E.; Hedblad B.; Holewijn S.; Ikeda A.; Kitagawa K.; Kitamura A.; De Kleijn D.P.V. ; Lonn E.M.; Lorenz M.W.; Mathiesen E.B.; Nijpels G.; Okazaki S.; O'Leary D.H.; Pasterkamp G.; Peters S.A.E.; Polak J.F.; Price J.F.; Robertson C.; Rembold C.M.; Rosvall M.; Rundek T.; Salonen J.T.; Sitzer M.; Stehouwer C.D.A.; Bots M.L.; Den Ruijter H.M.