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4-Oct-2010A fluorescent rosamine compound selectively stains pluripotent stem cellsIm, C.-N. ; Kang, N.-Y.; Ha, H.-H. ; Bi, X.; Lee, J.J.; Park, S.-J.; Lee, S.Y. ; Vendrell, M.; Kim, Y.K. ; Lee, J.-S. ; Li, J.; Ahn, Y.H.; Feng, B.; Ng, H.-H. ; Yun, S.-W.; Chang, Y.-T. 
Nov-2012A fluorescent screening platform for the rapid evaluation of chemicals in cellular reprogrammingVendrell, M.; Park, S.-J.; Chandran, Y.; Lee, C.L.K.; Ha, H.-H. ; Kang, N.-Y.; Yun, S.-W.; Chang, Y.-T. 
2003Design of the layer structures for Schottky type AlGaN UV photodetectorKim, B.-K.; Kim, J.-K.; Park, S.-J.; Lee, H.-B.; Lee, J.-H.; Rue, G.-H.; Lee, M.-B.; Lee, Y.-H.; Lee, J.-H.; Hahm, S.-H. 
7-Jul-2012Development of a fluorescent chalcone library and its application in the discovery of a mouse embryonic stem cell probeLee, S.-C.; Kang, N.-Y.; Park, S.-J.; Yun, S.-W.; Chandran, Y.; Chang, Y.-T. 
Jun-2011Embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cell staining and sorting with the live-cell fluorescence imaging probe CDy1Kang, N.-Y.; Yun, S.-W.; Ha, H.-H. ; Park, S.-J.; Chang, Y.-T. 
2014Mechanistic elements and critical factors of cellular reprogramming revealed by stepwise global gene expression analysesPark, S.-J.; Yeo, H.C.; Kang, N.-Y.; Kim, H. ; Lin, J.; Ha, H.-H. ; Vendrell, M.; Lee, J.-S. ; Chandran, Y.; Lee, D.-Y. ; Yun, S.-W.; Chang, Y.-T. 
Apr-2012Multiplex targeted in vivo cancer detection using sensitive near-infrared SERS nanotagsMaiti, K.K.; Dinish, U.S.; Samanta, A.; Vendrell, M.; Soh, K.-S.; Park, S.-J.; Olivo, M.; Chang, Y.-T. 
2-Dec-2013Reinvestigation of aminoacyl-TRNA synthetase core complex by affinity purification-mass spectrometry reveals TARSL2 as a potential member of the complexKim, K.; Park, S.-J.; Na, S.; Kim, J.S.; Choi, H. ; Kim, Y.K.; Paek, E.; Lee, C.
2005Schottky diodes fabricated on cracked GaN epitaxial layer grown on (111) siliconPark, S.-J.; Lee, H.-B.; Shan, W.L.; Chua, S.-J. ; Lee, J.-H.; Hahm, S.-H.