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May-2011Brain structure in young and old east asians and westerners: Comparisons of structural volume and cortical thicknessChee, M.W.L. ; Zheng, H. ; Goh, J.O.S.; Park, D.; Sutton, B.P.
2009Causes and consequences of global imbalances: Perspective from developing AsiaPark, D.; Adams, C. 
2009Causes and consequences of global imbalances: Perspective from developing AsiaAdams, C. ; Park, D.
2008Economic geography in the presence of preferential trade agreements: An empirical analysis of OECD dataHur, J. ; Park, D.; Alba, J.D.
2008Effects of hub-and-spoke free trade agreements on trade: Panel data analysisAlba, J.D.; Hur, J. ; Park, D.
2002Exports under an import substitution trade regime: An alternative viewPark, D.; Hur, J. 
2010Fiscal sustainability in developing AsiaAdams, C. ; Ferrarini, B.; Park, D.
2004Welfare implications of RTAs within the WTO system in the presence of FDIHur, J. ; Park, D.
Dec-2006Workgroup report: Public health strategies for reducing aflatoxin exposure in developing countriesStrosnider, H.; Azziz-Baumgartner, E.; Banziger, M.; Bhat, R.V.; Breiman, R.; Brune, M.-N.; DeCock, K.; Dilley, A.; Groopman, J.; Hell, K.; Henry, S.H.; Jeffers, D.; Jolly, C.; Jolly, P.; Kibata, G.N.; Lewis, L.; Liu, X.; Luber, G.; McCoy, L.; Mensah, P.; Miraglia, M.; Misore, A.; Njapau, H.; Ong, C.-N. ; Onsongo, M.T.K.; Page, S.W.; Park, D.; Patel, M.; Phillips, T.; Pineiro, M.; Pronczuk, J.; Rogers, H.S.; Rubin, C.; Sabino, M.; Schaafsma, A.; Shephard, G.; Stroka, J.; Wild, C.; Williams, J.T.; Wilson, D.