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2006160 GHz optical pulse generation using a 40 GHz phase modulator and two stages of delayed MZ interferometersPan, Z.; Chandel, S.; Yu, C. 
2010A real-time multi-cue hand tracking algorithm based on computer visionPan, Z.; Li, Y.; Zhang, M.; Sun, C.; Guo, K.; Tang, X.; Zhou, S.Z. 
Mar-2008Age invaders: Social and physical inter-generational mixed reality family entertainmentKhoo, E.T.; Cheok, A.D. ; Nguyen, T.H.D.; Pan, Z.
1-Jan-2007Beyond 40-GHz return-to-zero optical pulse-train generation using a phase modulator and polarization-maintaining fiberYu, C. ; Pan, Z.; Luo, T.; Wang, Y.; Christen, L.; Willner, A.E.
Nov-2011Carbon nanotube-cement composites: A retrospectChen, S.J.; Collins, F.G.; Macleod, A.J.N.; Pan, Z.; Duan, W.H.; Wang, C.M. 
1-Jun-2009Carrier-suppressed 160 GHz pulse-train generation using a 40 GHz phase modulator with polarization-maintaining fiberYu, C. ; Wang, Y.; Pan, Z.; Luo, T.; Kumar, S.; Zhang, B.; Willner, A.E.
2010Direct synthesis of L10-phase nanostructured CoPt thin films using dense plasma focus device operating in non-optimized focus modePan, Z.; Rawat, R.S.; Lin, J. ; Karamat, S.; Lee, P.C.K.; Springham, S.V.; Tan, A.T.L.
2008Optical performance monitoringWillner, A.E.; Pan, Z.; Yu, C. 
Jan-2010Optical performance monitoring for the next generation optical communication networksPan, Z.; Yu, C. ; Willner, A.E.
May-2012PrefaceNakatsu, R. ; Pan, Z.
Jun-2007Preparation of high performance foamed concrete from cement, sand and mineral admixturesPan, Z.; Hiromi, F.; Wee, T. 
Sep-2006Shrinkage behavior of high performance concrete at different elevated temperatures under different sealing conditionsPan, Z.; Nakamura, H.; Wee, T. 
1-Aug-2006Simple autocorrelation technique based on degree-of-polarization measurementLuo, T.; Yu, C. ; Yan, L.-S.; Kumar, S.; Pan, Z.; Willner, A.E.
2009Transactions on edutainment III: PrefaceChang, M.; Cheok, A.D. ; Pan, Z.; El Rhalibi, A.
Jul-2007Ultrahigh-speed optical pulse generation using a phase modulator and two stages of delayed Mach-Zehnder interferometersPan, Z.; Chandel, S.; Yu, C. 
2008Virtual avatar enhanced nonverbal communication from mobile phones to PCsZhu, J.; Pan, Z.; Xu, G.; Yang, H.; Cheok, D.A. 
15-Dec-2006Wavelength-shift-free 3R regenerator for 40-Gb/s RZ system by optical parametric amplification in fiberYu, C. ; Luo, T.; Zhang, B.; Pan, Z.; Adler, M.; Wang, Y.; McGeehan, J.E.; Willner, A.E.
2011Welcome messageGe, S.S. ; Zhang, T.; Lin, H. ; Wang, C.; Pan, Z.; Yang, G.; Xia, Y.; Yu, H.