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2007Characterization of flow direction in microchannels and zebrafish blood vessels by scanning fluorescence correlation spectroscopyPan, X.; Yu, H. ; Wohland, T. ; Shi, X.; Korzh, V. 
Jul-2004Correlated structural and magnetization reversal studies on epitaxial Ni films grown with molecular beam epitaxy and with sputteringZhang, Z.; Lukaszew, R.A.; Cionca, C.; Pan, X.; Clarke, R.; Yeadon, M. ; Zambano, A.; Walko, D.; Dufresne, E.; Te Velthius, S.
2006Ferromagnetism in inhomogeneous Zn 1-xCo xO thin filmsTay, M.; Wu, Y. ; Han, G.C.; Chong, T.; Zheng, Y.K.; Wang, S.J.; Chen, Y.; Pan, X.
2004GIS-based model for incident response units dispatchingHuang, B. ; Cheu, R.L.; Pan, X.
2009Line scan fluorescence correlation spectroscopy for three-dimensional microfluidic flow velocity measurementsPan, X.; Shi, X. ; Korzh, V.; Yu, H. ; Wohland, T. 
2009Line scan fluorescence correlation spectroscopy for three-dimensional microfluidic flow velocity measurements.Pan, X.; Shi, X. ; Korzh, V. ; Yu, H. ; Wohland, T. 
2012Magnetizing inductance assisted wide range ZVS three-phase AC link current-fed dc/dc converter with active-clamp for low DC voltage applicationsPan, X.; Prasanna, U.R.; Rathore, A.K. 
2007Multifunctional fluorescence correlation microscope for intracellular and microfluidic measurementsPan, X.; Yu, H. ; Wohland, T. ; Foo, W.; Lim, W.; Fok, M.H.Y.; Liu, P. ; Maruyama, I. 
6-Sep-2005Novel fluorescent carbazolyl-pyridinyl alternating copoloymers: Synthesis, characterization, and propertiesPan, X.; Liu, S.; Chan, H.S.O. ; Ng, S.-C.
Sep-2008Ornamental expression of red fluorescent protein in transgenic founders of white skirt tetra (Gymnocorymbus ternetzi)Pan, X.; Zhan, H. ; Gong, Z. 
2013Photoluminescence from Amino-Containing Polymer in the Presence of CO 2: Carbamato Anion Formed as a FluorophorePan, X.; Wang, G.; Lay, C.L.; Tan, B.H.; He, C. ; Liu, Y.
Dec-2009Probing events with single molecule sensitivity in zebrafish and Drosophila embryos by fluorescence correlation spectroscopyShi, X. ; Teo, L.S.; Pan, X.; Chong, S.-W.; Kraut, R.; Korzh, V.; Wohland, T. 
2008Requirement of vasculogenesis and blood circulation in late stages of liver growth in zebrafishKorzh, S. ; Pan, X. ; Garcia-Lecea, M.; Winata, C.L. ; Pan, X.; Wohland, T. ; Korzh, V. ; Gong, Z. 
2010Soil erosion changes over the past five decades in the red soil region of Southern ChinaLiang, Y.; Li, D.; Yang, X.; Pan, X.; Mu, H.; Shi, D.; Zhang, B.; Lu, X. 
Oct-2010The structural, magnetic, and optical properties of ZnO (0001) wafers implanted with Co ionsLi, T.; Li, G.; Chen, J. ; Gao, X.; Pan, X.; Ma, J.; Wang, Y.
Sep-2012The use of nasal epithelial stem/progenitor cells to produce functioning ciliated cells in vitroZhao, X.; Yu, F.; Li, C. ; Li, Y.; Chao, S.-S.; Loh, W.-S.; Pan, X.; Shi, L.; Wang, D.-Y.