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Jun-2012Chiral crystallization of aromatic helical foldamers via complementarities in shape and end functionalitiesZhao, H.; Ong, W.Q.; Zhou, F.; Fang, X.; Chen, X.; Li, S.F.Y. ; Su, H.; Cho, N.-J.; Zeng, H. 
14-Jun-2011Computational prediction and experimental verification of pyridine-based helical oligoamides containing four repeating units per helical turnOng, W.Q.; Zhao, H.; Du, Z.; Yeh, J.Z.Y.; Ren, C.; Tan, L.Z.W.; Zhang, K.; Zeng, H. 
2008Crystallographic evidence of an unusual, pentagon-shaped folding pattern in a circular aromatic pentamerQin, B.; Chen, X.; Fang, X.; Shu, Y.; Yip, Y.K.; Yan, Y.; Pan, S.; Ong, W.Q.; Ren, C.; Su, H.; Zeng, H. 
17-Jun-2011Encapsulation of conventional and unconventional water dimers by water-binding foldamersOng, W.Q.; Zhao, H.; Fang, X.; Woen, S.; Zhou, F.; Yap, W.; Su, H.; Li, S.F.Y. ; Zeng, H. 
7-Sep-2011Five-fold-symmetric macrocyclic aromatic pentamers: High-affinity cation recognition, ion-pair-induced columnar stacking, and nanofibrillationRen, C.; Maurizot, V.; Zhao, H.; Shen, J.; Zhou, F.; Ong, W.Q.; Du, Z.; Zhang, K.; Su, H.; Zeng, H. 
21-May-2011Highly selective one-pot synthesis of H-bonded pentagon-shaped circular aromatic pentamersQin, B.; Ong, W.Q.; Ye, R.; Du, Z.; Chen, X.; Yan, Y.; Zhang, K.; Su, H.; Zeng, H. 
7-Aug-2012Locking high energy 1D chain of dichloromethane molecules containing abnormally short Cl⋯Cl contacts of 2.524 Å inside organic crystalsZhou, F.; Fu, H.; Ong, W.Q.; Ye, R.; Yuan, W.; Lu, Y.-J.; Huo, Y.-P.; Zhang, K.; Su, H.; Zeng, H. 
28-Jun-2012Patterned recognition of amines and ammonium ions by a pyridine-based helical oligoamide hostOng, W.Q.; Zhao, H.; Sun, C.; Wu, J.; Wong, Z.; Li, S.F.Y. ; Hong, Y. ; Zeng, H. 
Jun-2013Rapid construction of shape-persistent H-bonded macrocycles via one-pot H-bonding-assisted macrocyclizationOng, W.Q.; Zeng, H. 
14-Feb-2012Synthesis, structural investigation and computational modelling of water-binding aquafoldamersZhao, H.; Ong, W.Q.; Fang, X.; Zhou, F.; Hii, M.N.; Li, S.F.Y. ; Su, H.; Zeng, H.