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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2003A nuclear microscopic and histochemical study of iron concentrations and distribution in the midbrain of two age groups of monkeys unilaterally injected with MPTPRen, M.-Q. ; Ong, W.-Y.; Wang, X.-S.; Watt, F. 
1999A nuclear microscopic study of elemental changes in the rat hippocampus after kainate-induced neuronal injuryOng, W.-Y.; Ren, M.-Q. ; Makjanić, J. ; Lim, T.-M. ; Watt, F. 
15-Jul-2008Antiprion activity of functionalized 9-aminoacridines related to quinacrineNguyen Thi, H.T.; Lee, C.-Y. ; Teruya, K.; Ong, W.-Y.; Doh-ura, K.; Go, M.-L. 
2008Autophagy plays a protective role during zVAD-induced necrotic cell deathWu, Y.-T.; Tan, H.-L.; Huang, Q. ; Ong, C.-N.; Shen, H.-M.; Kim, Y.-S.; Liu, Z.-G.; Pan, N.; Ong, W.-Y.; Shen, H.-M.
Feb-2012Brain lipid changes after repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation: Potential links to therapeutic effects?Lee, L.H.-W.; Tan, C.-H.; Lo, Y.-L.; Farooqui, A.A.; Shui, G. ; Wenk, M.R.; Ong, W.-Y.
2-Sep-1999Changes in calcium and iron levels in the brains of rats during kainate induced epilepsyRen, M.-Q. ; Ong, W.-Y.; Makjanic, J. ; Watt, F. 
Dec-2010Characterization, purification, and stability of gold nanoparticlesBALASUBRAMANIAN SURESH KUMAR ; Yang, L. ; Yung, L.-Y.L. ; Ong, C.-N. ; Ong, W.-Y.; Yu, L.E. 
2012Comprehensive gene expression profiling in the prefrontal cortex links immune activation and neutrophil infiltration to antinociceptionPoh, K.-W.; Yeo, J.-F. ; Stohler, C.S.; Ong, W.-Y.
Mar-2010Differential effects of lysophospholipids on exocytosis in rat PC12 cellsMa, M.-T.; Yeo, J.-F. ; Farooqui, A.A.; Zhang, J.; Chen, P.; Ong, W.-Y.
2006Distribution of calcium-independent phospholipase A2 (iPLA 2) in monkey brainOng, W.-Y.; Yeo, J.-F. ; Ling, S.-F.; Farooqui, A.A.
2005Distribution of calcium-independent phospholipase A2 (iPLA 2) in monkey brainOng, W.-Y.; Yeo, J.-F. ; Ling, S.-F.; Farooqui, A.A.
Dec-2010EHD1 is a synaptic protein that modulates exocytosis through binding to snapinWei, S.; Xu, Y.; Shi, H.; Wong, S.-H. ; Han, W.; Talbot, K.; Hong, W.; Ong, W.-Y.
23-Sep-2011Enhanced autophagy from chronic toxicity of iron and mutant A53T α-synuclein: Implications for neuronal cell death in parkinson diseaseChew, K.C.M.; Ang, E.-T.; Tai, Y.K.; Tsang, F.; Lo, S.Q.; Ong, E.; Ong, W.-Y.; Shen, H.-M. ; Lim, K.-L. ; Dawson, V.L.; Dawson, T.M.; Soong, T.W. 
2007Epidermal transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 in idiopathic small nerve fibre disease, diabetic neuropathy and healthy human subjectsWilder-Smith, E.P. ; Guo, Y.; Chow, A.W.-L.; Ong, W.-Y.
2010Expression profile of multiple secretory phospholipase A2 isoforms in the rat CNS: Enriched expression of sPLA2-IIA in brainstem and spinal cordMa, M.-T.; Nevalainen, T.J.; Yeo, J.-F. ; Ong, W.-Y.
15-Apr-2005Heme oxygenase-1 activity after excitotoxic injury: Immunohistochemical localization of bilirubin in neurons and astrocytes and deleterious effects of heme oxygenase inhibition on neuronal survival after kainate treatmentHuang, E.; Ong, W.-Y.; Go, M.-L. ; Garey, L.J.
Apr-2004Increased iron staining in the cerebral cortex of cholesterol fed rabbitsOng, W.-Y.; Tan, B.; Pan, N. ; Jenner, A.; Whiteman, M.; Ong, C.-N. ; Watt, F. ; Halliwell, B.
Oct-2005Inhibition of brain phospholipase A2 by antimalarial drugs: Implications for neuroprotection in neurological disordersFarooqui, A.A.; Ong, W.-Y.; Go, M.-L. ; Horrocks, L.A.
2004Intracerebroventricular injection of phospholipases A 2 inhibitors modulates allodynia after facial carrageenan injection in miceYeo, J.-F. ; Ong, W.-Y.; Ling, S.-F.; Farooqui, A.A.
2000Kainate-induced neuronal injury leads to persistent phosphorylation of cAMP response element-binding protein in glial and endothelial cells in the hippocampusOng, W.-Y.; Lim, H.M.; Lim, T.M. ; Lutz, B.