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2004Central nervous system side effects of first- and second-generation antihistamines in school children with perennial allergic rhinitis: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled comparative study.Ng, K.H.; Chong, D.; Wong, C.K.; Ong, H.T.; Lee, C.Y.; Lee, B.W. ; Shek, L.P. 
2005Choice of antihypertensive drug in the diabetic patient CMECheah, J.S. ; Ong, H.T.
27-Aug-2008Guest authorship, mortality reporting, and integrity in rofecoxib studies [9]Ong, H.T.; Cheah, J.S. 
7-Jun-2006High-dose statins and the IDEAL study: To the editor [3]Ong, H.T.; Jim, S.C. 
1996Molecular diagnosis of duchenne muscular dystrophy in SingaporeLow, P.S. ; Lai, P.S. ; Lee, W.L. ; Chin, S.M.; Tay, J.S.H. ; Ong, H.T.
2003Pulmonary function and scoliosis in children with spinal muscular atrophy types II and III.Chng, S.Y.; Wong, Y.Q.; Hui, J.H. ; Wong, H.K. ; Ong, H.T.; Goh, D.Y.
2000Sandhoff disease - A case report of 3 siblings and a review of potential therapiesOng, H.T.; Loke, K.Y. ; Tay, S.K.H. ; Low, P.S. 
2004Seeking the ideal anti-hypertensive agent: A practical review of the hypertension drug trialsOng, H.T.; Cheah, J.S. 
2008Statin alternatives or just placebo: An objective review of omega-3, red yeast rice and garlic in cardiovascular therapeuticsOng, H.T.; Cheah, J.S. 
2007Unusually mild phenotype of AADC deficiency in 2 siblingsTay, S.K.H.; Poh, K.S. ; Pang, Y.W.; Low, P.S. ; Goh, D.L.M.; Ong, H.T.; Hyland, K.