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30-Apr-2012Chromatin interaction analysis with Paired-End Tag Sequencing (ChIA-PET) for mapping chromatin Interactions and Understanding Transcription RegulationGoh, Y.; Fullwood, M.J.; Poh, H.M.; Peh, S.Q.; Ong, C.T.; Zhang, J.; Ruan, X.; Ruan, Y. 
2010Dynamic changes in the human methylome during differentiationLaurent, L.; Wong, E.; Li, G.; Huynh, T.; Tsirigos, A.; Ong, C.T.; Low, H.M.; Sung, K.W.K. ; Rigoutsos, I.; Loring, J.; Wei, C.-L.
2012Extensive promoter-centered chromatin interactions provide a topological basis for transcription regulationLi, G.; Ruan, X.; Auerbach, R.K.; Sandhu, K.S.; Zheng, M.; Wang, P.; Poh, H.M.; Goh, Y.; Lim, J.; Zhang, J.; Sim, H.S.; Peh, S.Q.; Mulawadi, F.H.; Ong, C.T.; Orlov, Y.L.; Hong, S.; Zhang, Z.; Landt, S.; Raha, D.; Euskirchen, G.; Wei, C.-L.; Ge, W.; Wang, H.; Davis, C.; Fisher-Aylor, K.I.; Mortazavi, A.; Gerstein, M.; Gingeras, T.; Wold, B.; Sun, Y.; Fullwood, M.J.; Cheung, E.; Liu, E.; Sung, W.-K. ; Snyder, M.; Ruan, Y.
2002Interdomain interaction of Stat3 regulates its Src homology 2 domain-mediated receptor binding activityZhang, T.; Seow, K.T.; Ong, C.T.; Cao, X. 
Apr-2000Molecular analysis of genetic differences between virulent and avirulent strains of Aeromonas hydrophila isolated from diseased fishZhang, Y.L. ; Ong, C.T.; Leung, K.Y. 
Apr-2010Syndecan-2 and decorin: Proteoglycans with a difference-implications in keloid pathogenesisMukhopadhyay, A.; Wong, M.Y.; Chan, S.Y. ; Do, D.V.; Khoo, A.; Ong, C.T.; Cheong, H.H.; Lim, I.J.; Phan, T.T.
Feb-2011The role of stem cell factor and c-KIT in keloid pathogenesis: Do tyrosine kinase inhibitors have a potential therapeutic role?Mukhopadhyay, A.; Do, D.V.; Ong, C.T.; Khoo, Y.T.; Masilamani, J. ; Chan, S.Y. ; Vincent, A.S.; Wong, P.K.; Lim, C.P.; Cao, X.; Lim, I.J.; Phan, T.T.