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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-1994Abdominal trauma--a review.Ong, C.L.; Png, D.J.; Chan, S.T. 
1991Acute gall bladder perforation - A dilemma in early diagnosisOng, C.L.; Wong, T.H.; Rauff, A. 
1991Bladder endometriosis: Three case reports and a reviewOng, C.L.; Tung, K.H. 
1995Clustered intramammary microcalcifications not associated with a mass.Fok, C.M.; Reynolds, V.B.; Tan, K.A. ; Ong, C.L.; Chong, P.Y. 
1-Oct-1996Crystallization in nanosized sol-derived zirconia precursorsOng, C.L.; Wang, J. ; Gan, L.M. ; Ng, S.C. 
Jul-1996Crystallization in seeded zirconia precipitatesWang, J. ; Ong, C.L.; Gan, L.M. ; Ng, S.C. 
Oct-1998Effects of chemical species on the crystallization behavior of a sol-derived zirconia precursorOng, C.L.; Wang, J. ; Ng, S.C. ; Gan, L.M. 
1989Endoscopic Nd-YAG laser in the palliative management of gastrointestinal malignancies in SingaporeOng, C.L.; Ngoi, S.S. ; Sim, E.; Goh, P. 
Nov-2011Fluoroscopy-guided, transcervical, selective salpingography and fallopian tube recanalisationAnil, G.; Tay, K.H.; Loh, S.F.; Yong, T.T. ; Ong, C.L.; Tan, B.S.
1-Mar-1996Hot isostatically pressed Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu3O10 coils made with novel precursorsBourdillon, A.J. ; Tan, N.X.; Ong, C.L.
2003Investigation of thermal benefits of rooftop garden in the tropical environmentWong, N.H. ; Chen, Y. ; Ong, C.L.; Sia, A.
27-Apr-1999Ion-containing membranes from microemulsion polymerizationChow, P.Y.; Chew, C.H. ; Ong, C.L.; Wang, J. ; Xu, G. ; Gan, L.M. 
2003Life cycle cost analysis of rooftop gardens in SingaporeWong, N.H. ; Tay, S.F.; Wong, R.; Ong, C.L.; Sia, A.
1997Nanostructured ceramics via microemulsion processing routesWang, J. ; Lim, G.K.; Ong, C.L.; Ng, S.C. ; Chew, C.H. ; Gan, L.M. 
1998Necrotising Fasciitis Originating from a Vulval Abscess - A Case ReportRazvi, K.; Chua, S.; Chia, Y.T.; Ratnam, S.S. ; Ong, C.L.; Arulkumaran, S. 
2005Perception study of building professionals on the issues of green roof development in SingaporeWong, N.H. ; Wong, S.J.; Lim, G.T. ; Ong, C.L.; Sia, A.
2003The effects of rooftop garden on energy consumption of a commercial building in SingaporeWong, N.H. ; Cheong, D.K.W. ; Yan, H.; Soh, J.; Ong, C.L.; Sia, A.
2002The thermal effects of plants on buildingsWong, N.H. ; Wong, V.L.; Chen, Y. ; Lee, S.E. ; Cheong, D. ; Lim, G.T. ; Ong, C.L.; Sia, A.
1991Trends of diverticular disease of the large bowel in a newly developed countryChia, J.G.; Wilde, C.C. ; Ngoi, S.S. ; Goh, P.M. ; Ong, C.L.
9-Sep-1999Unusual ionic behavior in microemulsion-polymerized membranesOng, C.L.; Gan, L.M. ; Ong, C.K. ; Chan, H.S.O. ; Xu, G.