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Apr-2010A genomic survey of positive selection in Burkholderia pseudomallei provides insights into the evolution of accidental virulenceNandi, T.; Ong, C.; Singh, A.P.; Boddey, J.; Atkins, T.; Sarkar-Tyson, M.; Essex-Lopresti, A.E.; Chua, H.H.; Pearson, T.; Kreisberg, J.F.; Nilsson, C.; Ariyaratne, P.; Ronning, C.; Losada, L.; Ruan, Y.; Sung, W.-K.; Woods, D.; Titball, R.W.; Beacham, I.; Peak, I.; Keim, P.; Nierman, W.C.; Tan, P. 
2011Are artificial team-mates scapegoats in computer gamesMerritt, T.R.; Tan, K.B.; Ong, C.; Thomas, A.; Chuah, T.L.; McGee, K. 
2011Choosing human team-mates: Perceived identity as a moderator of player preference and enjoymentMerritt, T.; McGee, K. ; Chuah, T.L.; Ong, C.
2011Did you notice? Artificial team-mates take risks for playersMerritt, T.; Ong, C.; Chuah, T.L.; McGee, K. 
Mar-2013Growth inhibition of pathogenic bacteria by sulfonylurea herbicidesKreisberg, J.F.; Ong, N.T.; Krishna, A.; Joseph, T.L.; Wang, J.; Ong, C.; Ooi, H.A.; Sung, J.C.; Siew, C.C.; Chang, G.C.; Biot, F.; Cuccui, J.; Wren, B.W.; Chan, J.; Sivalingam, S.P.; Zhang, L.-H.; Verma, C. ; Tan, P. 
2010Identification of a regulatory cascade controlling Type III Secretion System 3 gene expression in Burkholderia pseudomalleiSun, G.W. ; Chen, Y. ; Gan, Y.-H. ; Liu, Y.; Tan, G.-Y.G.; Ong, C.; Tan, P.
Jul-2005Microarray analysis of zebrafish cloche mutant using amplified cDNA and identification of potential downstream target genesQian, F.; Zhen, F.; Ong, C.; Jin, S.-W.; Soo, H.M.; Stainier, D.Y.R.; Lin, S.; Peng, J. ; Wen, Z. 
2006Novel approach to reduce grain size in CoCrPt-oxide perpendicular recording mediaPiramanayagam, S.; Pock, C.; Ong, C.; Shi, J.; Mah, C.; Lu, L. 
2013Probabilities of transition jitter at different off-track positionsAng, S.; Ong, C.; Yuan, Z.; Pang, C. 
Jan-2014Protocol-driven enteral nutrition in critically ill children: A systematic reviewWong, J.J.-M.; Ong, C.; Han, W.M.; Lee, J.H. 
Mar-2008Seizures associated with ertapenemOng, C.; Chua, A.C.; Tambyah, P.A. ; Fei, Y.S.
Feb-2013Silver nanoparticles in cancer: Therapeutic efficacy and toxicityOng, C.; Lim, J.Z.Z.; Ng, C-T. ; Li, J.J.; Yung, L-Y.L. ; Bay, B-H.
Feb-2013Silver nanoparticles in cancer: Therapeutic efficacy and toxicityOng, C.; Lim, J.Z.Z.; Ng, C-T. ; Li, J.J.; Yung, L-Y.L. ; Bay, B-H.
2010Sonographic diagnosis and successful medical management of an intramural ectopic pregnancyOng, C.; Su, L.-L. ; Chia, D.; Choolani, M. ; Biswas, A. 
Sep-2013The Condition-Dependent Transcriptional Landscape of Burkholderia pseudomalleiOoi, W.F.; Ong, C.; Nandi, T.; Kreisberg, J.F.; Chua, H.H.; Sun, G.; Chen, Y.; Mueller, C.; Conejero, L.; Eshaghi, M.; Ang, R.M.L.; Liu, J.; Sobral, B.W.; Korbsrisate, S.; Gan, Y.H.; Titball, R.W.; Bancroft, G.J.; Valade, E.; Tan, P. 
Oct-2008The core and accessory genomes of Burkholderia pseudomallei: Implications for human melioidosisSiew, H.S.; Yu, Y.; Chi, H.L.; Karuturi, R.K.M.; Wuthiekanun, V.; Tuanyok, A.; Hui, H.C.; Ong, C.; Paramalingam, S.S.; Tan, G.; Tang, L.; Lau, G.; Eng, E.O.; Woods, D.; Feil, E.; Peacock, S.J.; Tan, P. 
2011What we have here is a failure of companionship: Communication in goal-oriented team-mate gamesMcGee, K. ; Merritt, T.; Ong, C.