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Sep-2010Hydrologic effects of the expansion of rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) in a tropical catchmentGuardiola-Claramonte, M.; Troch, P.A.; Ziegler, A.D. ; Giambelluca, T.W.; Durcik, M.; Vogler, J.B.; Nullet, M.A.
2004Hydrological consequences of landscape fragmentation in mountainous northern Vietnam: Evidence of accelerated overland flow generationZiegler, A.D. ; Giambelluca, T.W.; Vana, T.T.; Nullet, M.A.; Tran, L.T.; Fox, J.; Vien, T.D.; Pinthong, J.; Maxwell, J.F.; Evett, S.
30-Oct-2008The roles of roads and agricultural land use in altering hydrological processes in Nam Mae Rim watershed, northern ThailandCuo, L.; Giambelluca, T.W.; Ziegler, A.D. ; Nullet, M.A.
2009Throughfall in an evergreen-dominated forest stand in northern Thailand: Comparison of mobile and stationary methodsZiegler, A.D. ; Giambelluca, T.W.; Nullet, M.A.; Sutherland, R.A.; Tantasarin, C.; Vogler, J.B.; Negishi, J.N.
2004Toward understanding the cumulative impacts of roads in upland agricultural watersheds of northern ThailandZiegler, A.D. ; Giambelluca, T.W.; Sutherland, R.A.; Nullet, M.A.; Yarnasarn, S.; Pinthong, J.; Preechapanya, P.; Jaiaree, S.
2014Turbidity-based sediment monitoring in northern Thailand: Hysteresis, variability, and uncertaintyZiegler, A.D. ; Benner, S.G.; Tantasirin, C.; Wood, S.H.; Sutherland, R.A.; Sidle, R.C.; Jachowski, N.; Nullet, M.A.; Lu, X.X. ; Snidvongs, A.; Giambelluca, T.W.; Fox, J.M.