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2013Antigenicity and Immunogenicity of Plasmodium vivax Merozoite Surface Protein-3Bitencourt A.R.; Vicentin E.C.; Jimenez M.C.; Ricci R.; Leite J.A.; Costa F.T.; Ferreira L.C.; Russell B. ; Nosten F.; Rénia L. ; Galinski M.R.; Barnwell J.W.; Rodrigues M.M.; Soares I.S.
2015Comparison between flow cytometry, microscopy, and lactate dehydrogenase-based enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for plasmodium falciparum drug susceptibility testing under field conditionsWoodrow C.J.; Wangsing C.; Sriprawat K.; Christensen P.R.; Nosten F.; Rénia L. ; Russell B. ; Malleret B. 
2009Effective and cheap removal of leukocytes and platelets from plasmodium vivax infected bloodSriprawat K.; Kaewpongsri S.; Suwanarusk R.; Leimanis M.L.; Lek-Uthai U.; Phyo A.P.; Snounou G. ; Russell B. ; Renia L. ; Nosten F.
2013Field-based flow cytometry for ex vivo characterization of plasmodium vivax and P. falciparum antimalarial sensitivityRussell B. ; Malleret B. ; Suwanarusk R.; Anthony C.; Kanlaya S.; Lau Y.L.; Woodrow C.J.; Nosten F.; Renia L. 
2012Genetic diversity in new members of the reticulocyte binding protein family in Thai Plasmodium vivax isolatesKosaisavee V.; Lek-Uthai U.; Suwanarusk R.; Grüner A.C.; Russell B. ; Nosten F.; Rénia L.; Snounou G. 
2013Giemsa-Stained Wet Mount Based Method for Reticulocyte Quantification: A Viable Alternative in Resource Limited or Malaria Endemic SettingsLee W.-C.; Russell B. ; Lau Y.-L.; Fong M.-Y.; Chu C.; Sriprawat K.; Suwanarusk R.; Nosten F.; Renia L. 
2016Neutralizing antibodies against Plasmodium falciparum associated with successful cure after drug therapyGoh Y.S.; Peng K.; Chia W.N. ; Siau A.; Chotivanich K.; Gruner A.-C.; Preiser P.; Mayxay M.; Pukrittayakamee S.; Sriprawat K.; Nosten F.; White N.J.; Renia L.
2016Rheopathologic Consequence of Plasmodium vivax Rosette FormationZhang R. ; Lee W.-C.; Lau Y.-L.; Albrecht L.; Lopes S.C.P.; Costa F.T.M.; Suwanarusk R.; Nosten F.; Cooke B.M.; Rénia L. ; Russell B. 
2014Small molecule targeting malaria Merozoite surface protein-1 (MSP-1) prevents host invasion of divergent Plasmodial speciesChandramohanadas R.; Russell B. ; Liew K. ; Yau Y.H.; Chong A. ; Liu M. ; Gunalan K.; Raman R.; Renia L. ; Nosten F.; Shochat S.G.; Dao M.; Sasisekharan R.; Suresh S. ; Preiser P.