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Oct-2010High density of 'spiky' excrescences covering the surface of an erythrocyte infected with Plasmodium malariaeLi, A. ; Russell, B.; Renia, L.; Lek-Uthai, U.; Nosten, F.; Lim, C.T. 
2015Methylene blue inhibits the asexual development of vivax malaria parasites from a region of increasing chloroquine resistanceSuwanarusk, R.; Russell, B. ; Ong, A.; Sriprawat, K.; Chu, C.S.; Pyaephyo, A.; Malleret, B. ; Nosten, F.; Renia, L. 
8-Oct-2013Significant Biochemical, Biophysical and Metabolic Diversity in Circulating Human Cord Blood ReticulocytesMalleret, B.; Xu, F. ; Mohandas, N.; Suwanarusk, R.; Chu, C.; Leite, J.A.; Low, K.; Turner, C.; Sriprawat, K.; Zhang, R.; Bertrand, O.; Colin, Y.; Costa, F.T.M.; Ong, C.N. ; Ng, M.L.; Lim, C.T. ; Nosten, F.; Rénia, L.; Russell, B.
2015The epidemiology of subclinical malaria infections in South-East Asia: Findings from cross-sectional surveys in Thailand-Myanmar border areas, Cambodia, and VietnamImwong, M; Nguyen, T.N; Tripura, R; Peto, T.J; Lee, S.J; Lwin, K.M; Suangkanarat, P; Jeeyapant, A; Vihokhern, B; Wongsaen, K; Van Hue, D; Dong, L.T; Nguyen, T.-U; Lubell, Y; Von Seidlein, L; Dhorda, M; Promnarate, C; Snounou, G; Malleret, B ; Rénia, L ; Keereecharoen, L; Singhasivanon, P; Sirithiranont, P; Chalk, J; Nguon, C; Hien, T.T; Day, N; White, N.J; Dondorp, A; Nosten, F.
15-May-2010Two nonrecombining sympatric forms of the human malaria parasite plasmodium ovale occur globallySutherland, C.J.; Tanomsing, N.; Nolder, D.; Oguike, M.; Jennison, C.; Pukrittayakamee, S.; Dolecek, C.; Hien, T.T.; Do Rosário, V.E.; Arez, A.P.; Pinto, J.; Michon, P.; Escalante, A.A.; Nosten, F.; Burke, M.; Lee, R.; Blaze, M.; Otto, T.D.; Barnwell, J.W.; Pain, A.; Williams, J.; White, N.J.; Day, N.P.J.; Snounou, G. ; Lockhart, P.J.; Chiodini, P.L.; Imwong, M.; Polley, S.D.