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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-1999A completely miscible ternary blend system of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate), poly(ethylene oxide) and polyepichlorohydrinGoh, S.H. ; Ni, X.
2004A novel biodegradable amphiphilic triblock copolymer consisting of poly[(R)-β-hydroxybutyrate] and poly(ethylene oxide) and Its self-association propertyLi, J. ; Ni, X.; Li, X.; Wang, X.; Zhou, Z.; Leong, K.W.
2007A service collaboration strategy for MANETsZheng, S.; Zhang, D.; Ngoh, L.H.; Guo, H.; Ni, X.; Mohan, G. 
21-Jan-2011Anomalous thermal transport in disordered harmonic chains and carbon nanotubesNi, X.; Leek, M.L.; Wang, J.-S. ; Feng, Y.P. ; Li, B. 
10-Dec-2012Biodegradable hyperbranched amphiphilic polyurethane multiblock copolymers consisting of poly(propylene glycol), poly(ethylene glycol), and polycaprolactone as in situ thermogelsLi, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Liu, K.L.; Ni, X.; Li, J. 
21-Jan-2013Biodegradable thermogelling poly(ester urethane)s consisting of poly(1,4-butylene adipate), poly(ethylene glycol), and poly(propylene glycol)Liu, C.; Zhang, Z.; Liu, K.L.; Ni, X.; Li, J. 
3-Jan-2003Block-selected molecular recognition and formation of polypseudorotaxanes between poly(propylene oxide)-poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(propylene oxide) triblock copolymers and α-cyclodextrinLi, J. ; Ni, X.; Leong, K.
19-May-2005Core-corona structure of cubic silsesquioxane-poly(ethylene oxide) in aqueous solution: Fluorescence, light scattering, and TEM studiesMya, K.Y.; Li, X.; Chen, L.; Ni, X.; Li, J. ; He, C.
2009Disorder enhances thermoelectric figure of merit in armchair graphane nanoribbonsNi, X.; Liang, G. ; Wang, J.-S. ; Li, B. 
30-Mar-2006Dynamic and static light scattering studies on self-aggregation behavior of biodegradable amphiphilic poly(ethylene oxide)-poly[(R)-3-hydroxybutyrate]- poly(ethylene oxide) triblock copolymers in aqueous solutionLi, X.; Mya, K.Y.; Ni, X.; He, C. ; Leong, K.W.; Li, J. 
21-Dec-2013Gelatin-based hydrogels with β-cyclodextrin as a dual functional component for enhanced drug loading and controlled releaseLiu, C.; Zhang, Z.; Liu, X. ; Ni, X.; Li, J. 
27-Feb-2012How does folding modulate thermal conductivity of graphene?Yang, N. ; Ni, X.; Jiang, J.-W. ; Li, B. 
2005Injectable supramolecular hydrogels self-assembled by polymers and cyclodextrins for controlled drug deliveryLi, J. ; Li, X.; Ni, X.; Wang, X.; Li, H.; Zhou, Z.
13-Sep-2005Micellization phenomena of biodegradable amphiphilic triblock copolymers consisting of poly(β-hydroxyalkanoic acid) and poly(ethylene oxide)Li, J. ; Ni, X.; Li, X.; Tan, N.K.; Lim, C.T. ; Ramakrishna, S. ; Leong, K.W.
Feb-1997Miscibility of polysulfone and poly(ether sulfone) with tertiary amide polymersGoh, S.H. ; Lee, S.Y. ; Goh, H.W.; Ni, X.
22-Dec-2009Molecular dynamics with quantum heat baths: Application to nanoribbons and nanotubesWang, J.-S. ; Ni, X.; Jiang, J.-W. 
2009New thermogelling copolymers composed of heptakis(2,6-di-O-methyl)-β- cyclodextrin, poly(propylene glycol), and poly(ethylene glycol)Yang, C. ; Ni, X.; Li, J. 
23-Jun-2009Novel supramolecular block copolymer: A polyrotaxane consisting of many threaded α- and γ-cyclodextrins with an ABA triblock architectureYang, C. ; Yang, J.; Ni, X.; Li, J. 
1996Phase behaviour of blends of poly(chlorinated-ethyl methacrylate) with poly(styrene-co-aciylonitrile) and with poly(p-methylstyrene-co-acrylonitrile)Goh, S.H. ; Lee, S.Y. ; Low, S.M.; Peng, J.; Ni, X.
15-Feb-2003Preparation and characterization of polypseudorotaxanes based on block-selected inclusion complexation between poly(propylene oxide)-poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(propylene oxide) triblock copolymers and α-cyclodextrinLi, J. ; Ni, X.; Zhou, Z.; Leong, K.W.