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2006A prioritized MAC protocol for multihop, event-driven wireless sensor networksNguyen, K.; Nguyen, T.; Chaing, C.K. ; Motani, M. 
1-Nov-2008Acute retinal arteriolar emboli after cardiac catheterizationKreis, A.J.; Nguyen, T.; Rogers, S.; Wang, J.J.; Harper, C.A.; Clark, D.J.; Farouque, H.M.O.; Wong, T.Y. 
Jul-2011Anti-prion activities and drug-like potential of functionalized quinacrine analogs with basic phenyl residues at the 9-amino positionNguyen, T.; Sakasegawa, Y.; Doh-Ura, K.; Go, M.-L. 
Oct-2004Approach to the patient with prior bypass surgeryNguyen, T.; Pham, L.; Cheem, T.H. ; Douglas, J.S.; Hermiller, J.; Grines, C.
Sep-2010Chromatographic biopanning for the selection of peptides with high specificity to Pb2+ from phage displayed peptide libraryNian, R.; Kim, D.S.; Nguyen, T.; Tan, L.; Kim, C.-W.; Yoo, I.-K.; Choe, W.-S. 
1-Apr-2014Functionalized acridin-9-yl phenylamines protected neuronal HT22 cells from glutamate-induced cell death by reducing intracellular levels of free radical speciesNguyen, T.; Yang, T.; Go, M.-L. 
2012Fuzzy online reputation analysis frameworkPortmann, E.; Nguyen, T.; Sepulveda, J.; Cheok, A.D. 
May-2008Reliability of different image analysis methods for scanning laser Doppler flowmetryKreis, A.J.; Nguyen, T.; Rogers, S.; Wang, J.J.; Harazny, J.; Michelson, G.; Omar Farouque, H.M.; Wong, T.Y. 
2-Mar-2006Specific detection of H5NI avian influenza A virus in field specimens by a one-step RT-PCR assayNg, L.F.P. ; Barr, I.; Nguyen, T.; Noor, S.M.; Tan, R.S.-P.; Agathe, L.V.; Gupta, S.; Khalil, H.; To, T.L.; Hassan, S.S.; Ren, E.-C.