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Apr-2012Existence of competitive equilibrium in an optimal growth model with heterogeneous agents and endogenous leisureGoenka, A. ; Le Van, C.; Nguyen, M.-H.
14-Jun-2010Gold(I) and platinum(II) tetracenes and tetracenyldiacetylides: Structural and fluorescence color changes induced by σ-metalationNguyen, M.-H.; Yip, J.H.K. 
25-Mar-2013Ligand perturbations on fluorescence of dinuclear platinum complexes of 5,12-diethynyltetracene: A spectroscopic and computational studyNguyen, M.-H.; Wong, C.-Y.; Yip, J.H.K. 
15-Aug-2011Metallacyclophanes of 1,6-bis(diphenylphosphino)pyrene: Excimeric emission and effect of oxygen on stability of the ringsHu, J. ; Nguyen, M.-H.; Yip, J.H.K. 
2020Passive smoking exposure and perceived health status in children seeking pediatric care services at a vietnamese tertiary hospitalNgo, C.Q.; Van Vu, G.; Phan, P.T.; Chu, H.T.; Doan, L.P.T.; Duong, A.T.; Vuong, Q.-H.; Ho, M.-T.; Nguyen, M.-H.; Nguyen, H.-K.T.; Phan, H.T.; Ha, G.H.; Vu, G.T.; Pham, K.T.H.; Tran, T.H.; Tran, B.X.; Latkin, C.A.; Ho, C.S.H.; Ho, R.C.M. 
2009Photooxidation of a platinum-anthracene pincer complex: formation and structures of pt"-anthrone and -ketal complexesHu, J. ; Xu, H. ; Nguyen, M.-H.; Yip, J.H.K. 
13-Nov-2012Platinum-conjugated homo- and heterobichromophoric complexes of tetracene and pentaceneNguyen, M.-H.; Yip, J.H.K. 
12-Dec-2011Pushing pentacene-based fluorescence to the near-infrared region by platinationNguyen, M.-H.; Yip, J.H.K. 
23-Dec-2013Sequence-specific synthesis of platinum-conjugated trichromophoric energy cascades of anthracene, tetracene, and pentacene and fluorescent "black chromophores"Nguyen, M.-H.; Nguyen, V.H.; Yip, J.H.K.