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2007A combinatorics-based wakeup scheme for target tracking in wireless sensor networksWong, Y.F. ; Ngoh, L.H.; Wong, W.C. ; Seah, W.K.G.
2007A service collaboration strategy for MANETsZheng, S.; Zhang, D.; Ngoh, L.H.; Guo, H.; Ni, X.; Mohan, G. 
2004An efficient resiliency scheme for data centric storage in wireless sensor networksTamishetty, R.; Ngoh, L.H.; Keng, P.H. 
2006An optimized peer-to-peer overlay network for service discoveryGuo, H.Q.; Zhang, D.Q.; Ngoh, L.H.; Wong, W.C. ; Zheng, S.; Koh, Y.K.
2005Application-level multicast using DINPeer in P2P networksGuo, H.; Ngoh, L.H.; Wong, W.C. 
Mar-2006Comparison of in-network versus Staggered Multicast video distribution modelsGuo, H.Q.; Ngoh, L.H.; Wong, W.C. ; Tan, J.G.
2005DINCast: A hop efficient dynamic multicast infrastructure for P2P computingGuo, H.Q.; Ngoh, L.H.; Wong, W.C. ; Tan, J.G.
2005DINPeer: An optimized P2P communication network for advanced collaborative environmentsGuo, H.Q.; Ngoh, L.H.; Wong, W.C. 
2005DINPeer: Optimized P2P communication networkGuo, H.; Ngoh, L.H.; Wong, W.C. ; Dong, L.
23-Jan-2009Dual wakeup design for wireless sensor networksWong, Y.F.; Ngoh, L.H.; Seah, W.K.G.; Wong, W.-C. 
2007Energy-efficient time-bounded wireless sensing networksWong, Y.F.; Ngoh, L.H.; Wong, W.C. 
2011Identifying QoS violations through statistical end-to-end analysisZhou, L. ; Chen, L. ; Pung, H.K. ; Ngoh, L.H.
2007Knowledge modeling for end-to-end QoS managementZhou, L. ; Pung, H.K. ; Ngoh, L.H.
2006Ontology modeling of a dynamic protocol stackZhou, L. ; Pung, H.K. ; Ngoh, L.H.; Gu, T.
2005Optimizing inter-domain multicast through DINloop with GMPLSGuo, H.; Ngoh, L.H.; Wong, W.C. 
Nov-2010Query-enabled sensor networks using the cyclic symmetric wakeup designWong, Y.F. ; Ngoh, L.H.; Wong, W.C. 
2007Sensor traffic patterns in target tracking networksWong, Y.F. ; Seah, W.K.G.; Ngoh, L.H.; Wong, W.C. 
2006Towards semantic modeling for QoS specificationZhou, L. ; Pung, H.K. ; Ngoh, L.H.
2007Wakeup scheme for ocean monitoring underwater sensor networks (UWSN)Wong, Y.F. ; Ngoh, L.H.; Wong, W.C. ; Seah, W.K.G.