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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Feb-2010A continuous and highly effective static mixing process for antisolvent precipitation of nanoparticles of poorly water-soluble drugsDong, Y.; Ng, W.K.; Hu, J.; Shen, S.; Tan, R.B.H. 
2009A novel method for stabilizing particle size of milled powdersKwek, J.W.; Ng, W.K.; Tan, R.B.H. 
Mar-2012A pilot scale study on the fluidized bed binderless granulation of a humidified type C hygroscopic pharmaceutical materialKwek, J.W.; Lim, M.W.; Shen, S.C.; Ng, W.K.; Tan, R.B.H. 
Oct-2000A study on barium ferrite particles prepared by chemical coprecipitationNg, W.K.; Ding, J. ; Chow, Y.Y.; Wang, S. ; Shi, Y. 
Oct-2000A study on barium ferrite particles prepared by chemical coprecipitationNg, W.K.; Ding, J. ; Chow, Y.Y.; Wang, S. ; Shi, Y. 
Jun-2010Amorphization of pharmaceutical compound by co-precipitation using supercritical anti-solvent (SAS) process (Part I)Lim, R.T.Y.; Ng, W.K.; Tan, R.B.H. 
May-2008Anomalous particle size shift during post-milling storageNg, W.K.; Kwek, J.W.; Tan, R.B.H. 
Mar-2011Applications of mesoporous materialsChia, L.; Shen, S.; Ng, W.K.; Tan, R.B.H. 
2013Applications of mesoporous materials as excipients for innovative drug delivery and formulationShen, S.-C.; Ng, W.K.; Chia, L.S.O.; Dong, Y.-C.; Tan, R.B.H. 
30-Aug-2012Are nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs) better than solid lipid nanoparticles (SLNs): Development, characterizations and comparative evaluations of clotrimazole-loaded SLNs and NLCs?Das, S.; Ng, W.K.; Tan, R.B.H. 
Aug-2012Assessing the combinatorial influence of climate, formulation and device on powder aerosolization using the Taguchi experimental designHeng, D.; Lee, S.H.; Kwek, J.W.; Ng, W.K.; Chan, H.-K.; Tan, R.B.H. 
2008Automating knowledge acquisition for constraint-based product configurationHuang, Y.; Liu, H.; Ng, W.K.; Lu, W. ; Song, B.; Li, X.
15-Feb-2011Binderless fluidized bed granulation of a type C hygroscopic pharmaceutical powder with prior humidification treatmentNg, W.K.; Shen, S.C.; Tan, R.B.H. 
22-Jan-2008Case study: Optimization of an industrial fluidized bed drying process for large Geldart Type D nylon particlesNg, W.K.; Tan, R.B.H. 
Mar-2011Cavitation structures formed during the rebound of a sphere from a wetted surfaceMarston, J.O.; Yong, W. ; Ng, W.K.; Tan, R.B.H. ; Thoroddsen, S.T.
1999Comparative study of barium ferrite prepared by mechanical milling and co-precipitationNg, W.K.; Ding, J. ; Lu, L. 
19-Dec-2012Comparative study of the triboelectric charging behavior of powders using a nonintrusive approachKwek, J.W.; Jeyabalasingam, M.; Ng, W.K.; Heng, J.Y.Y.; Tan, R.B.H. 
2013Comparison of the physical stability and physicochemical properties of amorphous indomethacin prepared by co-milling and supercritical anti-solvent co-precipitationLim, R.T.Y.; Ng, W.K.; Widjaja, E.; Tan, R.B.H. 
14-Feb-2011Continuous and scalable process for water-redispersible nanoformulation of poorly aqueous soluble APIs by antisolvent precipitation and spray-dryingHu, J.; Ng, W.K.; Dong, Y.; Shen, S.; Tan, R.B.H. 
30-May-2011Controlled antisolvent precipitation of spironolactone nanoparticles by impingement mixingDong, Y.; Ng, W.K.; Shen, S.; Kim, S.; Tan, R.B.H.