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Apr-2012A common BIM deletion polymorphism mediates intrinsic resistance and inferior responses to tyrosine kinase inhibitors in cancerNg, K.P.; Hillmer, A.M.; Chuah, C.T.H.; Juan, W.C.; Ko, T.K. ; Teo, A.S.M.; Ariyaratne, P.N.; Takahashi, N.; Sawada, K.; Fei, Y.; Soh, S.; Lee, W.H.; Huang, J.W.J.; Allen Jr., J.C.; Woo, X.Y.; Nagarajan, N.; Kumar, V.; Thalamuthu, A.; Poh, W.T.; Ang, A.L.; Mya, H.T.; How, G.F.; Yang, L.Y.; Koh, L.P.; Chowbay, B.; Chang, C.-T.; Nadarajan, V.S.; Chng, W.J.; Than, H.; Lim, L.C.; Goh, Y.T.; Zhang, S.; Poh, D.; Tan, P. ; Seet, J.-E.; Ang, M.-K.; Chau, N.-M.; Ng, Q.-S.; Tan, D.S.W.; Soda, M.; Isobe, K.; Nöthen, M.M.; Wong, T.Y. ; Shahab, A.; Ruan, X.; Cacheux-Rataboul, V.; Sung, W.-K.; Tan, E.H.; Yatabe, Y.; Mano, H.; Soo, R.A. ; Chin, T.M. ; Lim, W.-T.; Ruan, Y. ; Ong, S.T.
1-Jan-2006A versatile and compact experimental apparatus for the on-line spectroscopic study of liquid-phase heterogeneous catalytic systemsGao, F.; Ng, K.P.; Li, C.; Krummel, K.I.; Allian, A.D.; Garland, M. 
20-Aug-2012Electro membrane extraction of biological anions with ion chromatographic analysisTan, T.Y.; Basheer, C.; Ng, K.P.; Lee, H.K. 
30-Oct-1998Interconversion of the kinetic identities of the tandem catalytic domains of receptor-like protein-tyrosine phosphatase PTPα by two point mutations is synergistic and substrate-dependentLim, K.L.; Kolatkar, P.R. ; Ng, K.P.; Ng, C.H.; Pallen, C.J.
2002Tracking peopleNg, K.P.; Ranganath, S.