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18-Feb-2013A matrix protein silences transposons and repeats through interaction with retinoblastoma-associated proteinsXu, Y.; Wang, Y.; Stroud, H.; Gu, X. ; Sun, B.; Gan, E.-S.; Ng, K.-H.; Jacobsen, S.E.; He, Y. ; Ito, T. 
1-Aug-2009A timing mechanism for stem cell maintenance and differentiation in the Arabidopsis floral meristemSun, B.; Xu, Y.; Ng, K.-H.; Ito, T. 
Nov-2009AGAMOUS controls GIANT KILLER, a multifunctional chromatin modifier in reproductive organ patterning and differentiationNg, K.-H.; Yu, H. ; Ito, T. 
Nov-2012Comparing contractile apparatus-driven cytokinesis mechanisms across kingdomsBalasubramanian, M.K.; Srinivasan, R. ; Huang, Y.; Ng, K.-H.
15-Aug-1999Correlation between charge pumping method and direct-current current voltage method in p-type metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistorsJie, B.-B.; Ng, K.-H.; Li, M.-F. ; Lo, K.-F.
7-Dec-1999Designer cyclopalladated-amine catalysts for the asymmetric Claisen rearrangementLeung, P.-H. ; Ng, K.-H.; Li, Y.; White, A.J.P.; Williams, D.J.
Feb-2010Shedding light on the role of AT-hook/PPC domain protein in Arabidopsis thalianaNg, K.-H.; Ito, T. 
2010Specialist pediatric dialysis nursing improves outcomes in children on chronic peritoneal dialysisGunasekara, W.D.V.N.; Ng, K.-H.; Aragon, E.; Foong, P.-P.; Lau, Y.-W.; Lim, L.-K.; Liew, C.-W.; Yeo, W.-S.; Yap, H.-K. ; Chan, Y.-H.
17-Feb-2003Synthesis and the stereoelectronic properties of novel cyclopalladated complexes derived from enantiomerically pure (R/S)-N,N-dimethyl-1-(9-phenanthryl)ethylamineLi, Y.; Ng, K.-H.; Selvaratnam, S.; Tan, G.-K.; Vittal, J.J. ; Leung, P.-H. 
Nov-2007The homeotic protein AGAMOUS controls late stamen development by regulating a jasmonate biosynthetic gene in ArabidopsisIto, T. ; Ng, K.-H.; Lim, T.-S.; Yu, H. ; Meyerowitz, E.M.
2013The nitrosopumilus maritimus cdvb, but not FtsZ, assembles into polymersNg, K.-H.; Srinivas, V.; Srinivasan, R. ; Balasubramanian, M.