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Jan-2013Academic medicine: Vision to realityKrishnan, R.R. ; Ng, I.
2000An anemic patient with phenotypical β-thalassemic trait has elevated level of structurally normal β-globin mRNA in reticulocytesLim, S.-K. ; Ali, A.B. ; Law, H.Y.; Ng, I.; Chung, M.M.; Lee, S.-H.
May-2013Cortical reorganization of motor functional areas in cerebral arteriovenous malformationsLee, L.; Sitoh, Y.Y.; Ng, I.; Ng, W.H. 
Aug-2008Craniospinal dissemination in teratocarcinosarcoma: Case reportLim, C.C.T. ; Thiagarajan, A.; Sim, C.S.; Khoo, M.L. ; Shakespeare, T.P.; Ng, I.
Jan-2009Cryopreservation of neurospheres derived from human glioblastoma multiformeChong, Y.-K.; Toh, T.-B.; Zaiden, N.; Poonepalli, A. ; Siew, H.L.; Ong, C.E.L.; Yu, Y.; Tan, P.B. ; See, S.-J.; Ng, W.-H.; Ng, I.; Hande, M.P.; Oi, L.K. ; Ang, B.-T. ; Tang, C. 
1999Decision analytic approach to severe head injury management.Harmanec, D.; Leong, T.Y. ; Sundaresh, S. ; Poh, K.L. ; Yeo, T.T.; Ng, I.; Lew, T.W.
2007Hybrid outcome prediction model for severe traumatic brain injuryBoon, C.P.; Kuralmani, V.; Joshi, R. ; Hongli, Y.; Kah, K.L.; Beng, T.A.; Li, J.; Tze, Y.L. ; Ng, I.
1-Apr-2014Massively parallel sequencing of patients with intellectual disability, congenital anomalies and/or autism spectrum disorders with a targeted gene panelBrett, M.; McPherson, J.; Zang, Z.J.; Lai, A.; Tan, E.-S.; Ng, I.; Ong, L.-C.; Cham, B.; Tan, P. ; Rozen, S. ; Tan, E.-C.
2007MR regional perfusion imaging: Visualizing functional collateral circulationLim, C.C.T. ; Petersen, E.T.; Hui, F.; Golay, X.; Ng, I.; Hwang, P.Y.K.
2007MR regional perfusion imaging: Visualizing functional collateral circulationLim, C.C.T. ; Petersen, E.T.; Hui, F.; Golay, X.; Ng, I.; Hwang, P.Y.K.
Aug-2011Partial trisomy 3p and partial monosomy 11q associated with atrial septal defect, cleft palate, and developmental delay: A case reportTan, E.-C. ; Lim, E.; Cham, B.; Knight, L.; Ng, I.
1-Jul-2003Poly(adenosine diphosphate-ribose) polymerase expression in human traumatic brain injuryAng, B.T. ; Yap, E.; Lim, J.; Tan, W.L.; Ng, P.Y.; Ng, I.; Yeo, T.T.
1-Aug-2012Progenitor-like traits contribute to patient survival and prognosis in oligodendroglial tumorsNg, F.S.-L.; Toh, T.B.; Ting, E.H.-L.; Koh, G.R.-H.; Sandanaraj, E.; Phong, M.; Wong, S.S.; Leong, S.H.; Kon, O.L.; Tucker-Kellogg, G. ; Ng, W.H.; Ng, I.; Tang, C. ; Ang, B.T. 
2004Spermine reduces infarction and neurological deficit following a rat model of middle cerebral artery occlusion: A magnetic resonance imaging studyShirhan, M.D. ; Moochhala, S.M. ; Ng, P.-Y.; Lu, J.; Ng, K.C.; Teo, A.L.; Yap, E.; Ng, I.; Hwang, P.; Lim, T.; Sitoh, Y.Y.; Rumpel, H.; Jose, R.; Ling, E. 
2003Spinocerebellar ataxia type 3 presenting as an L-DOPA responsive dystonia phenotype in a Chinese familyWilder-Smith, E. ; Tan, E.K.; Wong, M.C.; Law, H.Y.; Ng, I.; Zhao, Y.
1-Jan-2005The Biomolecular Interaction Network Database and related tools 2005 updateAlfarano, C.; Andrade, C.E.; Anthony, K.; Bahroos, N.; Bajec, M.; Bantoft, K.; Betel, D.; Bobechko, B.; Boutilier, K.; Burgess, E.; Buzadzija, K.; Cavero, R.; D'Abreo, C.; Donaldson, I.; Dorairajoo, D.; Dumontier, M.J.; Dumontier, M.R.; Earles, V.; Farrall, R.; Feldman, H.; Garderman, E.; Gong, Y.; Gonzaga, R.; Grytsan, V.; Gryz, E.; Gu, V.; Haldorsen, E.; Halupa, A.; Haw, R.; Hrvojic, A.; Hurrell, L.; Isserlin, R.; Jack, F.; Juma, F.; Khan, A.; Kon, T.; Konopinsky, S.; Le, V.; Lee, E.; Ling, S.; Magidin, M.; Moniakis, J.; Montojo, J.; Moore, S.; Muskat, B.; Ng, I.; Paraiso, J.P.; Parker, B.; Pintilie, G.; Pirone, R.; Salama, J.J.; Sgro, S.; Shan, T.; Shu, Y.; Siew, J.; Skinner, D.; Snyder, K.; Stasiuk, R.; Strumpf, D.; Tuekam, B.; Tao, S.; Wang, Z.; White, M.; Willis, R.; Wolting, C.; Wong, S.; Wrong, A.; Xin, C.; Yao, R.; Yates, B.; Zhang, S.; Zheng, K.; Pawson, T.; Ouellette, B.F.F.; Hogue, C.W.V. 
Jun-2012Understanding the genetic basis of gastric cancer: Recent advancesTan, I.B.; Ng, I.; Tai, W.M.; Tan, P. 
1994Use of capillary electrophoresis for thalassaemia screeningLaw, H.-Y. ; Ng, I.; Ong, J.; Ong, C.-N.