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2017Association between midwall late gadolinium enhancement and sudden cardiac death in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy and mild and moderate left ventricular systolic dysfunctionHalliday B.P.; Gulati A.; Ali A.; Guha K.; Newsome S.; Arzanauskaite M.; Vassiliou V.S.; Lota A.; Izgi C.; Tayal U.; Khalique Z.; Stirrat C.; Auger D.; Pareek N.; Ismail T.F.; Rosen S.D.; Vazir A.; Alpendurada F.; Gregson J.; Frenneaux M.P.; Cowie M.R.; Cleland J.G.F.; Cook S.A. ; Pennell D.J.; Prasad S.K.
2017Lipoprotein(a) in patients with aortic stenosis: Insights from cardiovascular magnetic resonanceVassiliou V.S.; Flynn P.D.; Raphael C.E.; Newsome S.; Khan T.; Ali A.; Halliday B.; Bruengger A.S.; Malley T.; Sharma P.; Selvendran S.; Aggarwal N.; Sri A.; Berry H.; Donovan J.; Lam W.; Auger D.; Cook S.A. ; Pennell D.J.; Prasad S.K.
2017Phenotype and Clinical Outcomes of Titin CardiomyopathyTayal U.; Newsome S.; Buchan R.; Whiffin N.; Halliday B.; Lota A.; Roberts A.; Baksi A.J.; Voges I.; Midwinter W.; Wilk A.; Govind R.; Walsh R.; Daubeney P.; Jarman J.W.E.; Baruah R.; Frenneaux M.; Barton P.J.; Pennell D.; Ware J.S.; Prasad S.K.; Cook S.A. 
2017Truncating Variants in Titin Independently Predict Early Arrhythmias in Patients With Dilated CardiomyopathyTayal U.; Newsome S.; Buchan R.; Whiffin N.; Walsh R.; Barton P.J.; Ware J.S.; Cook S.A. ; Prasad S.K.