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2015A Weyl Fermion semimetal with surface Fermi arcs in the transition metal monopnictide TaAs classHuang, S.-M; Xu, S.-Y; Belopolski, I; Lee, C.-C ; Chang, G; Wang, B ; Alidoust, N; Bian, G; Neupane, M; Zhang, C; Jia, S; Bansil, A ; Lin, H ; Hasan, M.Z
2016Discovery of a new type of topological Weyl fermion semimetal state in MoxW1-xTe2Belopolski, I; Sanchez, D.S; Ishida, Y; Pan, X; Yu, P; Xu, S.-Y; Chang, G; Chang, T.-R; Zheng, H; Alidoust, N; Bian, G; Neupane, M; Huang, S.-M; Lee, C.-C; Song, Y; Bu, H; Wang, G; Li, S ; Eda, G ; Jeng, H.-T; Kondo, T; Lin, H ; Liu, Z; Song, F; Shin, S; Zahid Hasan, M
2016Observation of the spin-polarized surface state in a noncentrosymmetric superconductor BiPdNeupane, M; Alidoust, N; Hosen, M.M; Zhu, J.-X; Dimitri, K; Xu, S.-Y; Dhakal, N; Sankar, R; Belopolski, I; Sanchez, D.S; Chang, T.-R; Jeng, H.-T; Miyamoto, K; Okuda, T; Lin, H ; Bansil, A ; Kaczorowski, D; Chou, F; Hasan, M.Z; Durakiewicz, T
2016Prediction of an arc-tunable Weyl Fermion metallic state in MoxW1-xTe2Chang, T.-R; Xu, S.-Y; Chang, G; Lee, C.-C ; Huang, S.-M; Wang, B ; Bian, G; Zheng, H; Sanchez, D.S; Belopolski, I; Alidoust, N; Neupane, M; Bansil, A ; Jeng, H.-T; Lin, H ; Zahid Hasan, M
2016Signatures of the Adler-Bell-Jackiw chiral anomaly in a Weyl fermion semimetalZhang, C.-L; Xu, S.-Y; Belopolski, I; Yuan, Z; Lin, Z; Tong, B; Bian, G; Alidoust, N; Lee, C.-C ; Huang, S.-M; Chang, T.-R; Chang, G; Hsu, C.-H ; Jeng, H.-T; Neupane, M; Sanchez, D.S; Zheng, H; Wang, J; Lin, H ; Zhang, C; Lu, H.-Z; Shen, S.-Q; Neupert, T; Hasan, M.Z; Jia, S
2016Topological nodal-line fermions in spin-orbit metal PbTaSe2Bian, G; Chang, T.-R; Sankar, R; Xu, S.-Y; Zheng, H; Neupert, T; Chiu, C.-K; Huang, S.-M; Chang, G; Belopolski, I; Sanchez, D.S; Neupane, M; Alidoust, N; Liu, C; Wang, B ; Lee, C.-C ; Jeng, H.-T; Zhang, C; Yuan, Z; Jia, S; Bansil, A ; Chou, F; Lin, H ; Hasan, M.Z