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Sep-2010A comparative study of histogram-based thresholding methods for the determination of cell-free layer width in small blood vesselsNamgung, B.; Ong, P.K.; Wong, Y.H.; Lim, D.; Chun, K.J.; Kim, S. 
Mar-2011An automated method for cell-free layer width determination in small arteriolesOng, P.K.; Jain, S.; Namgung, B.; Woo, Y.I. ; Sakai, H.; Lim, D.; Chun, K.J.; Kim, S. 
Aug-2012Application of refutas model to estimate erythrocyte viscosity in a dextran solutionJu, M.; Namgung, B.; Kim, S. 
Oct-2011Cell-Free Layer Formation in Small Arterioles at Pathological Levels of Erythrocyte AggregationOng, P.K.; Jain, S.; Namgung, B.; Woo, Y.I. ; Kim, S. 
Jun-2009Determination of rheological properties of whole blood with a scanning capillary-tube rheometer using constitutive modelsKim, S. ; Namgung, B.; Ong, P.K.; Cho, Y.I.; Chun, K.J.; Lim, D.
Jan-2011Effect of cell-free layer variation on arteriolar wall shear stressNamgung, B.; Ong, P.K.; Johnson, P.C.; Kim, S. 
Jun-2010Effect of erythrocyte aggregation and flow rate on cell-free layer formation in arteriolesOng, P.K.; Namgung, B.; Johnson, P.C.; Kim, S. 
Sep-2013Effect of low molecular weight dextrans on erythrocyte aggregationNamgung, B.; Ong, P.K.; Kim, S. 
Mar-2012Effects of cell-free layer formation on NO/O 2 bioavailability in small arteriolesOng, P.K.; Cho, S.; Namgung, B.; Kim, S. 
Mar-2012Study of time-dependent characteristics of a syllectogram in the presence of aggregation inhibitionOng, P.K.; Jain, S.; Namgung, B.; Kim, S. ; Chun, K.J.; Chu, J.-U.; Lim, D.
Jan-2013Two-phase model for prediction of cell-free layer width in blood flowNamgung, B.; Ju, M.; Cabrales, P.; Kim, S.