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15-Jul-2009Combining selectivity and affinity predictions using an integrated Support Vector Machine (SVM) approach: An alternative tool to discriminate between the human adenosine A2A and A3 receptor pyrazolo-triazolo-pyrimidine antagonists binding sitesMichielan, L.; Bolcato, C.; Federico, S.; Cacciari, B.; Bacilieri, M.; Klotz, K.-N.; Kachler, S.; Pastorin, G. ; Cardin, R.; Sperduti, A.; Spalluto, G.; Moro, S.
15-Oct-2011Does the combination of optimal substitutions at the C 2-, N 5- and N 8-positions of the pyrazolo-triazolo-pyrimidine scaffold guarantee selective modulation of the human A 3 adenosine receptors?Cheong, S.L. ; Dolzhenko, A.V. ; Paoletta, S.; Lee, E.P.R.; Kachler, S.; Federico, S.; Klotz, K.-N.; Dolzhenko, A.V. ; Spalluto, G.; Moro, S.; Pastorin, G. 
26-Nov-2012Exploring the directionality of 5-substitutions in a new series of 5-alkylaminopyrazolo[4,3-e]1,2,4-triazolo[1,5-c]pyrimidine as a strategy to design novel human A3 adenosine receptor antagonistsFederico, S.; Ciancetta, A.; Sabbadin, D.; Paoletta, S.; Pastorin, G. ; Cacciari, B.; Klotz, K.N.; Moro, S.; Spalluto, G.
10-Feb-2011Synthesis and biological evaluation of a new series of 1, 2, 4-triazolo[1, 5-α]-1, 3, 5-triazines as human a 2a adenosine receptor antagonists with improved water solubilityFederico, S.; Paoletta, S.; Cheong, S.L. ; Pastorin, G. ; Cacciari, B.; Stragliotto, S.; Norbert Klotz, K.; Siegel, J.; Gao, Z.-G.; Jacobson, K.A.; Moro, S.; Spalluto, G.
1-Apr-2010Synthesis and pharmacological characterization of a new series of 5,7-disubstituted-[1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-a][1,3,5]triazine derivatives as adenosine receptor antagonists: A preliminary inspection of ligand-receptor recognition processPastorin, G. ; Federico, S.; Paoletta, S.; Corradino, M.; Cateni, F.; Cacciari, B.; Klotz, K.-N.; Gao, Z.-G.; Jacobson, K.A.; Spalluto, G.; Moro, S.
Mar-2013The A3 adenosine receptor as multifaceted therapeutic target: Pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, and in silico approachesCheong, S.L. ; Federico, S.; Venkatesan, G.; Mandel, A.L. ; Shao, Y.-M.; Moro, S.; Spalluto, G.; Pastorin, G. 
22-Apr-2010The significance of 2-furyl ring substitution with a 2-(para -substituted) aryl group in a new series of pyrazolo-triazolo-pyrimidines as potent and highly selective hA3 adenosine receptors antagonists: New insights into structure-affinity relationship and receptor-antagonist recognitionCheong, S.L. ; Dolzhenko, A. ; Kachler, S.; Paoletta, S.; Federico, S.; Cacciari, B.; Dolzhenko, A. ; Klotz, K.-N.; Moro, S.; Spalluto, G.; Pastorin, G.