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2010Characterization and epitope mapping of monoclonal antibodies recognizing N-terminus of Rep of porcine circovirus type 2Meng, T.; Jia, Q.; Liu, S.; Karuppannan, A.K.; Kwang, J. 
2009Combination therapy using chimeric monoclonal antibodies protects mice from lethal H5N1 infection and prevents formation of escape mutantsPrabakaran, M.; Prabhu, N.; He, F. ; Hongliang, Q.; Ho, H.-T.; Qiang, J.; Meng, T.; Kwang, J. ; Goutama, M.
Sep-2012Induction of protective immune responses against EV71 in mice by baculovirus encoding a novel expression cassette for capsid protein VP1Premanand, B.; Kiener, T.K.; Meng, T.; Tan, Y.R.; Jia, Q.; Chow, V.T.K.; Kwang, J. 
Nov-2010Neutralizing epitopes of influenza virus hemagglutinin: Target for the development of a universal vaccine against H5N1 lineagesPrabakaran, M.; He, F. ; Meng, T.; Madhan, S.; Yunrui, T.; Jia, Q.; Kwang, J.
2009Rapid detection of H5N1 subtype influenza viruses by antigen capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using H5- And N1-specific monoclonal antibodiesHo, H.-T.; Qian, H.-L.; He, F. ; Meng, T.; Szyporta, M.; Prabhu, N.; Prabakaran, M.; Kwang, J. ; Chan, K.-P.
Sep-2011Subcutaneous immunization with baculovirus surface-displayed hemagglutinin of pandemic H1N1 influenza A virus induces protective immunity in micePrabakaran, M.; Meng, T.; He, F. ; YunRui, T.; Qiang, J.; Lin, R.T.P.; Kwang, J.