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2014Characterisation of novel microRNAs in the Black flying fox (Pteropus alecto) by deep sequencingCowled C.; Stewart C.R.; Likic V.A.; Friedla¨nder M.R.; Tachedjian M.; Jenkins K.A.; Tizard M.L.; Cottee P.; Marsh G.A.; Zhou P.; Baker M.L.; Bean A.G.; Wang L.-F. 
2016Dual microRNA Screens Reveal That the Immune-Responsive miR-181 Promotes Henipavirus Entry and Cell-Cell FusionFoo C.H.; Rootes C.L.; Cowley K.; Marsh G.A.; Gould C.M.; Deffrasnes C.; Cowled C.J.; Klein R.; Riddell S.J.; Middleton D.; Simpson K.J.; Wang L.-F. ; Bean A.G.D.; Stewart C.R.
2016Genome-wide siRNA Screening at Biosafety Level 4 Reveals a Crucial Role for Fibrillarin in Henipavirus InfectionDeffrasnes C.; Marsh G.A.; Foo C.H.; Rootes C.L.; Gould C.M.; Grusovin J.; Monaghan P.; Lo M.K.; Tompkins S.M.; Adams T.E.; Lowenthal J.W.; Simpson K.J.; Stewart C.R.; Bean A.G.D.; Wang L.-F. 
2018Hervey virus: Study on co-circulation with Henipaviruses in Pteropid bats within their distribution range from Australia to AfricaKohl C.; Tachedjian M.; Todd S.; Monaghan P.; Boyd V.; Marsh G.A.; Crameri G.; Field H.; Kurth A.; Smith I.; Wang L.-F. 
2011Interferon production and signaling pathways are antagonized during henipavirus infection of fruit bat cell linesVirtue E.R.; Marsh G.A.; Baker M.L.; Wang L.-F. 
2013Potent Inhibition of Hendra Virus Infection via RNA Interference and Poly I: C Immune ActivationMcCaskill J.L.; Marsh G.A.; Monaghan P.; Wang L.-F. ; Doran T.; McMillan N.A.J.
2014Proteomics informed by transcriptomics reveals Hendra virus sensitizes bat cells to TRAIL-mediated apoptosisWynne J.W.; Shiell B.J.; Marsh G.A.; Boyd V.; Harper J.A.; Heesom K.; Monaghan P.; Zhou P.; Payne J.; Klein R.; Todd S.; Mok L.; Green D.; Bingham J.; Tachedjian M.; Baker M.L.; Matthews D.; Wang L.-F. 
2014Subclinical infection without encephalitis in mice following intranasal exposure to Nipah virus-Malaysia and Nipah virus-BangladeshDups J.; Middleton D.; Long F.; Arkinstall R.; Marsh G.A.; Wang L.-F. 
2016The Nature of Exposure Drives Transmission of Nipah Viruses from Malaysia and Bangladesh in FerretsClayton B.A.; Middleton D.; Arkinstall R.; Frazer L.; Wang L.-F. ; Marsh G.A.
2011Type III IFN receptor expression and functional characterisation in the pteropid bat, Pteropus alectoZhou P.; Cowled C.; Marsh G.A.; Shi Z.; Wang L.-F. ; Baker M.L.