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4-Feb-2017A two-channel responsive fluorescent probe with AIE characteristics and its application for selective imaging of superoxide anions in living cellsGao, Xiaoying; Feng, Guangxue ; Manghnani, Purnima Naresh; Hu, Fang ; Jiang, Nan; Liu, Jianzhao; Liu, Bin ; Sun, Jing Zhi; Tang, Ben Zhong
1-Jun-2019Bright Aggregation-Induced Emission Dots for Dynamic Tracking and Grading of Patient-Derived Xenografts in ZebrafishTeh, Cathleen; Manghnani, Purnima Naresh; Boon, Grace Ng Hwee; De Cheng, Terrence You; Lim, Wan-Teck; Lim, Elaine Hsuen; Chua, Boon Tin; LIU BIN 
1-Jun-2019Cancer-Cell-Activated Photodynamic Therapy Assisted by Cu(II)-Based Metal-Organic FrameworkWang, Yuanbo; Wu, Wenbo; LIU JINGJING ; Manghnani, Purnima Naresh; Hu, Fang; Ma, Dou; TEH CATHLEEN; Wang, Bo; LIU BIN 
28-Apr-2020Mechanistic Understanding of the Biological Responses to Polymeric NanoparticlesKenry ; Yeo, Trifanny ; Manghnani, Purnima Naresh; Middha, Eshu; Pan, Yutong ; Chen, Huan ; Lim, Chwee Teck ; Liu, Bin 
14-Mar-2018Multicolor monitoring of cellular organelles by single wavelength excitation to visualize the mitophagy processHu, Fang ; Cai, Xiaolei ; Manghnani, Purnima Naresh; Kenry ; Wu, Wenbo ; Liu, Bin 
18-Aug-2017Robust Red Organic Nanoparticles for In Vivo Fluorescence Imaging of Cancer Cell Progression in Xenografted ZebrafishLin, Gengwei; Manghnani, Purnima Naresh; Mao, Duo ; Teh, Cathleen; Li, Yinghao; Zhao, Zujin; Liu, Bin ; Tang, Ben Zhong
30-Jan-2019Visualize Embryogenesis and Cell Fate Using Fluorescent Probes with Aggregation-Induced EmissionHu, Fang; Manghnani, Purnima Naresh; KENRY ; FENG GUANGXUE ; Wu, Wenbo; Teh, Cathleen; LIU BIN