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3-Apr-2012A human PrM antibody that recognizes a novel cryptic epitope on dengue E glycoproteinChan, A.H.Y.; Tan, H.C.; Chow, A.Y.; Lim, A.P.C.; Lok, S.M.; Moreland, N.J.; Vasudevan, S.G. ; MacAry, P.A.; Ooi, E.E.; Hanson, B.J.
2011Characterization of human umbilical cord lining-derived epithelial cells and transplantation potentialZhou, Y.; Gan, S.U.; Lin, G.; Lim, Y.T.; Masilamani, J. ; Mustafa, F.B.; Phua, M.L.; Rivino, L.; Phan, T.T.; Lee, K.O.; Calne, R.; MacAry, P.A.
2009Differential signal transduction, membrane trafficking, and immune effector functions mediated by FcγRI versus FcγRIIaDai, X.; Jayapal, M.; Hwee, K.T.; Reghunathan, R. ; Lin, G.; Chien, T.T.; Yan, T.L.; Soh, H.C.; Kemeny, D.M.; Floto, R.A.; Smith, K.G.C.; Melendez, A.J.; MacAry, P.A.
Oct-2013Impact of partial sleep deprivation on immune markersWilder-Smith, A.; Mustafa, F.B.; Earnest, A. ; Gen, L.; MacAry, P.A.
7-Feb-2013Lipid Anti-Lipid Antibody Responses Correlate with Disease Activity in Systemic Lupus ErythematosusJovanović, V.; Abdul Aziz, N.; Lim, Y.T.; Ng Ai Poh, A.; Jin Hui Chan, S.; Ho Xin Pei, E.; Lew, F.C.; Shui, G. ; Jenner, A.M.; Bowen, L.; McKinney, E.F.; Lyons, P.A.; Kemeny, M.D.; Smith, K.G.C.; Wenk, M.R.; MacAry, P.A.
2009Practical synthesis of maleimides and coumarin-linked probes for protein and antibody labelling via reduction of native disulfidesSong, H.Y. ; Ngai, M.H. ; Song, Z.Y.; MacAry, P.A.; Hobley, J.; Lear, M.J. 
Sep-2012Resistance analysis of an antibody that selectively inhibits dengue virus serotype-1Zou, G.; Kukkaro, P. ; Lok, S.-M. ; Ng, J.K.W.; Tan, G.K. ; Hanson, B.J.; Alonso, S. ; MacAry, P.A.; Shi, P.-Y.